Saturday, August 22, 2009

I May Have to Trademark My Name

My blog name that is.

I've been going by StimeyTM since the mid to late 90s. I've been blogging as StimeyTM since early 2007. I've been tweeting as StimeyTM since early 2008.

So imagine my chagrin when my Google Alerts and TweetBeeps (I learned at BlogHer that these are called your "ego feeds"*) started showing up with other Stimeys.

I know. You are as shocked as I. OTHER Stimeys? And if you are like me, your first thought upon hearing that was, "This is COMPLETELY unacceptable." Of course, you may not be as invested in the name as I am.

There is, of course,, and I still can't for the love of me figure out what that website is about. I think they post funny photos. But honestly, that site is so weirdly laid out that I can't stay there for more than three or four seconds.

But you know who I'm really upset about? DJ Stimey. There's been a lot of twitter chatter lately about this dude. He seems to be some sort of rapper. And all I can think is, dear lord, don't let this guy hit it big and end up featured in US Weekly every issue or I am going to look like an ASSHOLE for going by the same name.

It's bad enough that the Urban Dictionary lists one of the definitions of Stimey as "stupid" and uses the sentence "You look stimey," to illustrate the usage.

But I just can't take the possibility of someone else taking my super awesome, practically trademarked name.

A few months ago there were only a few tweets here and there about this Stimey fellow, and many of them were semi-threatening and insulting, similar to, "you think ur so bad stimey we're all talking bout you hind ur back" and things of that ilk.

I'm saddened to tell you that now the posts are getting more frequent (and often retweeted verbatim over and over by the same couple of people) with links to videos and whatnot. Although maybe the best one I saw was the one that said, "Stimey birthday sex video," which was followed by a link. That one freaked me out for a minute.

Turns out there's a song called "Birthday Sex."

The thing that almost all of these tweets have in common is that they are composed of terrible grammar and text speak. As someone who has used "LOL" exactly once in her life—and who has earned a living as a copy editor—these tweets make my skin crawl almost as much as the specter of someone else stealing my nom de plume.

So let's all point our collective death rays at this dude's career. Or maybe just start sending suggestions of other names for him: DJ Stupid (thank you, Urban Dictionary), DJ Obstacle (thank you, Free Dictionary), or maybe just DJ Let's Not Get Too Upset or Retaliative at the Real StimeyTM.

* Ego? What ego? Ahem.


  1. You should. Really.

    Lawyer Mama is my trademark attorney.


  2. It's kind of like the WWF wrestling vs nature fund thing. No one would confuse the two, but obviously the one prevailed.

    Good grief I could never become a teacher because google my name + teacher and that's so not a reputation that you want to have!

  3. I'm with Sarah.

    Srsly. And the Gerbil tagline too.

  4. Dude, not good. But you should not have to formally trademark anything...speaking not as a lawyer, but as a former product marketer whos lawyers told me this. If you use it a lot and used it first, it's yours. But talk to Lawyer Mama :)

  5. What, you don't know about that song? Okay, I'm not that hip, but I learned about it from that reliable music critic, Steven Colbert.

  6. There's at least one other UpsideBackwards, too. Go figure! I hope he (or she) doesn't take up a career as a rap singer. Good luck.

  7. We've nicknamed one of our kids "T.I.," and use that nickname more than the name. Turns out it's SOME RAPPER.

  8. That's heresy! Perhaps you should Tm your name with a tagline: "Stimey —the Real Deal?" or "Stimey:not the lame-ass rapper" or...damn, that sucks.

  9. SHUT UP! Are you telling me you are NOT DJ Stimey? You think you know somebody.

  10. Do it soon! It's not taken:

  11. Oh! Can you trademark Stimeyland, at least?

  12. Ditto Goon Squad Sara and Sue @ My Party of 6. Oh and Joeymom too!

  13. You are the one and only Stimey in my world :)

  14. You probably should TM. I went to high school with a guy we called Stimey, and he is way too old to rap.

  15. In the spring I was reading a bunch comments after a restraint/secusion article and there were some by a stimey that was so not you. At first I was like WTF? And then it was pretty darn clear it was not *you.*


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