Saturday, August 8, 2009

Team Stimey's First Week of Vacation According to Twitter

Alternatively Titled: "Disaster Week!"

Alternatively Alternatively Titled: "What Is the Policy on Drunk Blogging? Because I Didn't Eat Very Much Today and Just Drank What Was Evidently a Pretty Strong Appletini."

Vacation started off great. Until we remembered that we left the keys to the cabin in Wisconsin at home.

Also, mental note: if we ever suggest that we're going to leave really early with hopes of our kids falling asleep so we can get, according to Alex, "a couple hundred miles under our belts," tell us we're insane and that the combination of early rising and no breakfast is not very good for our kids.

That puking was followed by more puking. Quinn then Sam then Jack, then back to Quinn. Most of it was bile though, because we hadn't fed them. Unfortunately Quinn had gotten hold of a bag of Doritos in the interim between his two vomit storms and unleashed them all over his clothes, my sweatshirt, and the vomit towel that we fortunately remembered to bring along.

Another mental note: Never feed Team Stimey, Jr. Doritos before noon.

We stopped in Michigan for the night and continued across to the Upper Peninsula the next day.

No one barfed.

Finally we arrived at the cabin. There is a little dock there jutting out into two or three foot deep water. Jack, Sam, and Quinn created a little "rock collection" at the end of the dock by finding every rock in a three mile radius and throwing it in the water.

Some other stuff fell in too.

A nearby town was having Loon Day. Of course we went.

Believe me, the joking commenced.

Loon Day was all kinds of fun. Right up until this happened:

I have never been so terrified in my life. I'm sure there is a stand-alone blog post on this in my brain somewhere, because how else can I process traumatic events without you guys?

He was gone for 10 or 15 minutes. It was horrible. He was completely unconcerned. HE knew where he was.

Jack has also picked up a new habit on this trip.

We've had to resort to putting him in time out every time he burps. It seems (knock on wood) to be working.

Besides throwing rocks in the water, we all found other ways to have fun.

Like long drives to nowhere:

After that trip to the museum that wasn't and a stop at a baseball diamond to play some ball, we headed back to our cabin. The cabin that is in the middle of nowhere and really doesn't need to be locked.

Fortunately, we're city folk, so we lock everything and all our valuables were secured. Even from us.

This too may warrant a post all its own due to Jack's heroism. (And Sam's total devastation that someone else got some glory that day.)

We left the cabin today, but before we did...

Really cool. We played with a small snake too.

Now we're off to Alex's aunt and uncle's cottage by Lake Michigan. Hopefully it will be less eventful but just as much fun.


  1. Thank you. The tweets needed a little color commentary.

    Sorry about that year of your life you worried off while Jack was MIA.

  2. Laughing so hard. Thank you! Thank you! Hope things are a little less eventful for the rest of your vacation.

  3. i only saw half those tweets and tried to tweet that i hoped this was your most eventful vacation ever. i hope you survive the rest of the trip! (are you on the michigan side of the lake or the west side?)

  4. We had to shove Alyssa (when she was six) in a second story window when we were locked out of Jason's mom's house in San Diego. Good thing they are small and brave at that age.

    Sorry to hear about Jack being lost. I can't imagine the terror you felt.

    Here's to an uneventful week to come!!

  5. OMG! I obviously have not been on Twitter enough in the last couple days to have missed most of your Tweets! Thank goodness for the barf towel, Jack going through the window, and bald eagles.

    So no one at Loon Fest realized Jack was lost to call the number on the Safety Tat affixed to his arm?!? Oh right, he knew where he was! Egads! Thank goodness you found him!

  6. Being an avid follower (Look! I'm right behind you! Heh heh...), I knew all turned out ok. WHEW!

    Not bad for drunk blogging...too coherent. Have another appletini...or three. ;-) xo

  7. That warrants a LOT more than one appletini.

  8. Hysterical. Except the part about losing Jack.

  9. Hysterical. Except the part about losing Jack.

  10. The getting-lost part has me hyperventilating, which is a problem because I'm already light-headed from laughing so much at your tweets.

  11. I HATE your stupid vacation. POUT. Come home and be cranky with ME ME ME!

  12. I wouldn't have known that was drunk blogging, you'll have to slur a little more next time.

    Oh all the puking ... !

    And of course Jack wasn't concerned about where he was, geez Mom!!!

  13. Man, your guys are EXPERT barfers. You poor thing!!!! Your car must have REEKED!

    Oh, and missing Jack!!!!! And Brave Jack!

  14. Oh my- you're going to definitely need a vacation from your vacation when you return! I hope that you will have a more relaxing time from here out!!
    A few years ago we were driving up to MA and realized when we got to Baltimore that we had left our money at home (and yes, we had left really early in the morning so the kids would sleep but never did)so we added two hours to our drive. But, we had no puking at least.

  15. Twitter: the new travel diary.

    I can't believe you lost Jack for so long. That's horrible. I can't even imagine how terrifying that must have been. I couldn't locate Oliver for a full minute at the beach and thought I was going to have a heart attack (same thing - just wandering through a dune, dum dee dum - not a care in the world)

  16. I don't know which was better, the tweets or the post. Probably both, actually. They bounced off each other very well and make a great team.

  17. So you're totally going to make a blurb book of this summer right? The calamitous summer adventures of team stimey?

  18. That was hilarious. What is with kids + travel = barf? Happens to me too.

  19. Amateur. In my family we would not have realized we had forgotten the keys until we were at the cabin. On the other hand, my kids don't barf in the car so maybe I'm the amateur.

    I'm cranky and I miss you so come back soon. Although you're closer to me know than you are most of the time so maybe I should miss you less now? Now I'm just confused.

  20. This was hilarious! (Except for losing Jack! I have a Jack too. How terrifying!)

  21. One word: Dramamine! Take it from someone who gets motion sickness from swinging on swings!

  22. Scary! So glad you found JAck so quickly -- (and I'm still giggling at the thought of him hiding in a pretend jail cell). I'm hoping that the next part of your vacation is "boring." But not necessarily loon-free.

  23. this is so not funny. please do not be a window into the future that is my road trip with my 3 sons.

  24. oh my god, so funny!

    it's just not a team stimey vacation without puking. wasn't there puking on another vacation, or your sister's wedding maybe?

  25. OMG, throwing up Doritos is terrifying. And having a kid disappear is too, of course. But, the Doritos!

  26. Sounds like a nice time, minus the puking, of course.

  27. All that tumult. I"m exhausted just reading it with all the underlying drama and complexity. And that's supposed to be a holiday! No wonder I stay at home.


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