Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tour de Stimeyland, Here He Comes!

Guess what my brilliant son learned to do while I was at BlogHer?

That's right! Now Sam can ride a two-wheeler all by himself. I'm a little pouty that it happened when I wasn't around considering it was one of my biggest goals for him for the summer. But I guess it's hard to teach a kid to ride a bike if you keep forgetting to take the bike out of the garage. So all things considered, it's probably for the best that Alex took the lead on this one.

And there was some muttering about, "I fell of my bike in the street," so maybe it was good that I missed it.


  1. Yay for Sam! Super exciting!

    And, OMG, I read your twitter and saw about Jack. Are you okay? That must have been awful, I'm so sorry! There must have been something in the air yesterday...Kennedy almost drowned at the pool, it was awful!

  2. Hey, you've gotta give Alex some opportunities to be the hero-dad, after all! :-)

    Way to go, Jack! And Alex.

  3. Yay, Sam! It is a daddy job. So yay for Alex!

    I was worried HRH would lose his first tooth while I was at BlogHer. He waited. Whew!

  4. Yay Yay Yay, we will bring bikes over. and Melissa-- OMG about Kennedy. Life with children is terrifying.

  5. Okay, your like the second person whose kid learned to ride a bike during Blog Her.

    So a) I'm definately going to BlogHer next year (hello, it's practically in my back yard - well if my backyard was 2 hours away and free lodging with a friend if I want it) or B) I'm stealing all your husbands so they can teach my girls. Figure get them all done at one tiem :D

  6. Yay Sam! My oldest learned to ride a bike while I was in the hospital having a yucky time. I was mad too.

  7. Okay wait. The gerbils were thriving, Sam learned to ride a bike - what OTHER things did Alex do while you were away? Is he trying to show you up or something??

  8. congratulations! i have to say, i am more than happy to leave that task to the father. who wants to go running around getting all hot and sweaty while a kid keeps screaming at you not to let go?!? my daughter has learned to ride this summer as well. sigh. they just get older and older.


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