Where I Am

Not a bad place to be. Although Lake Michigan is the kind of cold that your body doesn’t acclimate to. At least grown-up bodies. Team Stimey Jr. doesn’t seem to have a problem.

I’ll be back with stories in a few days.

7 thoughts on “Where I Am

  1. Anonymous: I’m sorry to hear that you are so distracted by the ads on my site. I have been running them for several weeks now. I am part of an ad network. They sell the ads and I give them space on my site in exchange for income. I am not going to divulge my income here, but it is not a lot. These are advertisements, not endorsements although I can opt out of campaigns I don’t want to take part in. I understand if you won’t be coming back because of the ads. I’m sorry to hear it. But I ask you this: do you only read magazines without ads? Newspapers? Other websites? Why should a blog be subjected to different standards? I think the as are unobtrusive and don’t take away from my site. I treat them as if they weren’t there. They don’t affect what I write. They are just a way for me to make a couple bucks doing what I am doing anyway.

  2. I’ve deleted some of Anonymous’ comments at her request. But I thought I’d leave my ad explanation for anyone curious to my thought process.

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