Go Elsewhere, Just for Today

Today is a day for me to brag about some things that I’m doing elsewhere on the internet. The first thing I’m going to tell you about is something I am really proud and excited about. I’ve created a new website called AutMont, which features autism information, events, and hopefully (eventually) community for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Right now, its main function is as a central calendar for local people interested in autism to find meetings, support groups, classes, and fun activities. It just went live a couple of days ago, so I’m still finding my way, but I can’t wait to see what direction it goes.

If you know someone who is in my area and has a connection to autism, let them know about the site. You can also follow AutMont on Twitter.

I love my new site.


I also love my old secondary site, The Junk Pyramid.

I’m back over there as of today, publishing about my decluttering efforts and providing tips and resources for living a clutter-free life.


And for those of you yesterday who said that the gerbil photo should be our Christmas card? Well, BetteJo was on the case. Check out what came into my email inbox this afternoon.

I think the background makes Quinn look even surlier.

13 thoughts on “Go Elsewhere, Just for Today

  1. First, LOL! I love the Christmas card and you’re right, the background only adds to Quinn’s pout! Secondly, what an amazing resource your new site is! Thirdly, I am in desperate need of help in decluttering and organizing, so I’ll definitely be following along with the Junk Pyramid!

  2. Oh and btw, you will be very proud of my Purple Heart pile (or I should call it the Purple Heart mountain)that is sitting on my driveway waiting for pickup! Thanks for the decluttering inspiration.

  3. Oh my gosh the new site is awesome! How are you going to keep all 3 sites going, plus do all the stuff with the kids, work, have some grownup time and oh – get some sleep too!? My Lord, Girl!

    I had fun doing the Christmas card, don’t worry, I will stop stealing your family! Glad people enjoyed it!

  4. That Christmas card is the best!!

    I meant to post this the other day, but I couldn’t find it, but do you read My Charming Kids? The woman in the picture with the squirrel is their home care nurse (one of her kids has a heart defect).


    And, your autism site is au-some! Way to use your blogging forces for good!! (Not that you normally use them for evil, but you know what I mean!)

  5. PLEASE BetteJo, make a card for me? My children are no longer little and cute enough for a standard card. This could be a new business for you. Stimey, how could you possible improve on that?Excellent!

  6. Congrats on the new site! I’m sure it will be a wonderful resource for many families.

    Love the Christmas card photo! You MUST use it! It looks like Quinn is giving the gerbil a dirty look!

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