Scenes From the First Day of School

Morning prep for school went smoothly. Everyone was up on time, ate breakfast, and brushed their teeth by 8 a.m. This is a far cry from our up-until-yesterday lounge-around-in-bed-until-nine-or-so routine.

Alex even took the time to comb Jack’s hair.

“Be good, okay, Jack?”
“Okay, Dad.”

We took the cheesy first day of school, stand awkwardly on the porch photo that everyone does. And then my munchkins gave me some love.

I dropped Sam and Jack off at school with my fingers crossed that they would make it to their lines to go to class. I began my six hour vigil of waiting for the phone to ring with news of disaster by heading to the local coffee shop with Quinn and some friends from my moms’ club.

It occurred to me that you if you have a small child with an obvious black eye, it’s probably not a good idea to yell at him in front of strangers or jokingly raise a threatening fist if he misbehaves. I kissed Quinn and called him “sweetie” in public a lot today. (His face and Jack’s head ran into each other yesterday.)


Quinn and I played, baked cookies, played, irritated each other, and played more until it was time to head off on our first walk to the bus stop to pick up Sam and Jack. Only 179 walks to go.

Both kids were tired, but both reported having good days. Jack had great reports in his communication notebook and both guys looked happy. Well, not in these photos, but in real life.


Alex had also been worried that after drop off Jack was going to wander off school property and we wouldn’t know until only one of our children got off the bus after school. He called after we got home and asked, “Do you have three kids?”

“No, I have five,” I answered.

Shortly after we got home, the doorbell rang. It was Jack’s friend E (and her little brother). Sadly, E is not in Jack’s class this year. Clearly she still has love for him though.

I tried to take a photo where E wasn’t kissing Jack, and couldn’t get one.

I did, however, get a couple of photos of Jack wiping off her kisses.


After E and her brother left, we did some more work on our summer packets, which are due Friday. Sam had already finished and turned his in, so while Jack did his math, Sam and I played a game of Rat-a-Tat Cat.


My kids have been wanting to go to Burger King, where they have an indoor playground. So I took them there to celebrate a successful first day of school.


I’m happy and relieved. After last year’s first day of school, I’d been so worried about how this day was going to go. I was prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

I got the best.

20 thoughts on “Scenes From the First Day of School

  1. awesome first day! it went well here, too! I kept my cell phone with me all day and hoped it wouldn’t ring. Let’s hope it keeps up this way. I know it won’t be perfect, but here’s to more positives than negatives!

  2. Yay! That’s so great…been thinking about you today and I’m so glad to read that it went well. Looks like Quinn scored today too with the yummy treats!!

  3. Yay! Good way to start! It would also be reasonable to conclude that the rest of the year will be as good and better! Oh, I’m delusional? Well I HOPE the rest of the year is as good or better!

  4. Go Team Stimey! The big boys rock the school day! Pfft…what’s this “prepared for the worst?” You may have feared the worst but you clearly did an aweseom job preparing J&S for the best. :-)

  5. Yay! I’m taking your great first day as a good omen that First Grade will be as wonderful as Kindergarten should have been.

    HRH goes tomorrow – fingers crossed. Gremlin starts five day pre-K on 9/14.

    Here’s to a wonderful school year all around!

  6. Terrific first day — I can clearly remember Jack’s first day last year with bus debacle– so glad this year is off to a good start. We had similarly great days, so far so good!

  7. What a difference a year makes! It’s so good to hear you sounding happy and relaxed this time. I think good things are coming your collective way this year.

  8. So thrilled for you that the first day of school went well for your kids, too! Isn’t it nice to start the year off without a call home?

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