Did You Hear That?

That sound you just heard? The really loud one? That was the sound of my worlds colliding.

You may have seen some of the people in this Whrrl story before here on my blog. Or rather, you might have seen their headless bodies in photos with my children. They are people from my kids’ elementary school.

Today my blog world and my school world crashed into each other because of the wonderful and amazing Janine, who held an Office Max “A Day Made Better” fundraiser the other day to collect school supplies for a school that may need some extra help.

Enter my school.

A lot of the families there are doing fine and have plenty of school supplies, but many of them need assistance. Janine chose my school to give the supplies to (super yay!) and the principal helped her surprise the school counselor with a giant box of school supplies with which she can do whatever she wants. This is part of Office Max’s campaign to help teachers who end up paying for classroom supplies out of their own pockets, which we know they all do.

This is all awesome and wonderful, but made me break out a little bit into cold sweats as I realized that the school staff would likely follow her links to see who exactly this Stimey was. (Hello, school staff! Welcome to Stimeyland!)

I knew this day was going to come, if it hadn’t already. In fact, one member of the school staff already found me by Googling the name of a local mall and somehow came up with big signposts pointing at my blog. I’m comfortable with what I’ve written, although I had to resist going back to reread everything I’ve written about the school and second guess word choices. (Guess what, school staff? You’re well known—and mostly loved—by Stimeyland readers.)

So, I guess this makes me a pretty much totally out blogger. Good times.

Also, super huge thanks to Janine and Office Max. I know one school that is completely grateful to you for your efforts. Thank you also to all the wonderful people who donated supplies at her event. You definitely made my school’s day better! And thanks to the 17 billion rubber band balls you gave the school, they will likely never have to purchase another rubber band ever again.

15 thoughts on “Did You Hear That?

  1. It’s cool that the worlds collided in such a lovely and helpful way. What a great thing to do!
    My kids’ daycare teachers regularly read my blog, but I’ve always aimed it mostly at people who know us in real life anyway, so it didn’t really bother me when they started.

  2. I did hear the noise from all the way over here, and I was wondering what the heck it was. Thought it was the explosion on the moon, but now I know it was just your two worlds.

    You are an awesome–incredible– writer; you are hysterical, intelligent, and caring; you’re an incredible mom, an amazing advocate for autism awareness, and a super person overall.

    Be happy your worlds finally collided and now breathe easy.

    Happy Friday, friend–

  3. That is awesome! I remember working in schools and often buying supplies for the kids because you need them and can’t get them any other way, so I am sure the staff at your kids’ school deeply appreciate this gift!!!

  4. Heh – yeah – I have another blog under a different name and only one (non-blogger) knows it’s me. I think we all have weirdness about work and home, blog and school, or blog and blog colliding.

  5. I don’t know, Stimey. I hear most of the talk at the school and haven’t heard anything yet. It may just be a near miss instead of a head-on collision! Do you know for sure if anyone has figured it out?

    I was happy to see all of you at the open house today!

  6. Almost forgot! I saw one of the infamous rubberband balls in action in one of the Learning Centers! One of the students who gets over-excited sometimes was using it to calm himself. When things start to get tough, he goes to the back of the room and bounces it 10 – 20 times then goes back to work. It’s great!

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