Scribble-Scrabble to Stick Figures

Quinn’s preschool teacher is a wonderful woman whom I will refer to as Mrs. G, because that is her name. This is the third year I have had a child in her class, what with my having three children, and I love her more each time.

My very favorite thing that she has the kids do is draw a picture of themselves every month. At the end of the year, she puts them all together and gives them to the parents, so they can see the progress their child has made over the course of the year.

Each month when the pictures go up, the parents stand in the hall and ooh and aah and laugh about the pictures.

Now, while both Sam and Jack’s packets had radically different first and last pictures, I figure that I might have a slam dunk winner for Most Improved in Quinn.

While the above is a picture—and I use that term loosely—of his family, his self-portrait for September looked pretty much exactly the same. See, Quinn doesn’t draw…things. He scribble-scrabbles.

I didn’t think much about it until I looked at everyone else’s pictures, and every single other kid had, at the very least, drawn a stick figure. I wasn’t overly concerned about it, because I figure he’ll draw when he wants to draw, but I was a tiny little bit sad that he was the ONLY kid in the class who had never drawn a circle head and a stick body.

Mrs. G must have picked up on that, or she just decided that it was time for the Q-ball to draw a picture, because a couple of days later, this appeared on her classroom door:

Um. Yes. That IS the most amazing piece of art ever. Definitively. Artists, you can stop now. It’s been done.

Except! When asked to draw a picture of himself in October, Quinn busted out not one, but five stick figures. And a house.

And some other random squiggles.

So, to recap: Quinn (1) can draw masterpieces, (2) can count to five, (3) knows all the members of his family. But, Quinn (1) cannot follow directions such as “Draw a picture of just yourself.”

I can’t wait to see what November brings.

19 thoughts on “Scribble-Scrabble to Stick Figures

  1. WAH! I love Mrs. G too! and I love that project! I miss preschool! I love Quinn! I love exclamation points!

  2. Quinn has the makings of a journalistic prodigy, much like his mother…except he is more qualified to work for Fox News…except for the counting to five part – a bit overqualified.

  3. Adorable. We do that in kindergarden. For octobers I looked up to see a big black blob. Was that my darling son? Ah, it was a ghost. Halloween themed, you see :)

  4. I’m speechless with appreciation. FWIW, seriously, it is often said that youngest children are late bloomers. He’s just getting started, mama.

  5. This post made me smile in recognition. We too have gone from scribbles to what I call the “potato” people in a short six weeks. High five mama!

  6. Mrs. G rocks! I noticed that our K teacher is doing that as well. They did their first one on orientation day. I can’t wait to see that book in June! Watch out Q will have the whole neighborhood in the next one!

  7. Way to go Quinn! What is it about anything posted on a school bulletin board that makes moms get all worried? I am especially tuned in to handwriting as I have a child who has a slight vision problem. I encourage her to type up her assignments to avoid the handwriting issue.

  8. Awesome, but what I really want to know is, WHAT HAPPENED TO JACK? Is he lying on the ground with his knees drawn up to his chest because he’s howling with laughter, or howling in pain? There’s a story there…and I want to hear it from Quinn!

  9. First, I love the artwork! Seems very age-appropriate, and I love the use of a limited color palette.
    With that ‘said’, I should mention that my very limited knowledge of child development dates to (ahem) my college developmental psych class. This was rather long ago…

    However, the artwork concerns me in one rather small way. So, aren’t tiny children taught to put little stick-hands on their stick-figures these days? I’m just saying. Back in MY day, we always made an attempt to make the hands look like hands. (I hope you get
    that this is said with humor, right?) :)

    Also? I like that Quinn’s first figure is green, and second, that the figure has 3 eyes – or maybe those are 2 eyes plus a nose? Also, it seems to me that his more recent work is very insight-ful, and that perhaps he skipped to a new level of creativity in just a few weeks.

    OK, I’m done with disrespecting preschool artwork. I think Quinn did a great job, despite my initial snarky comments above.

  10. That is a cool idea! I wonder if the teacher really sat down and showed Quinn how to make a stick figure, or if he just figured it out by looking at the other kids’ art work, or what???

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