Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank You!

So, you guys are awesome. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your comments on my last post. They were not only supportive and wonderful, but many of them had very practical, specific advice. How am I so lucky that you guys frequent this little spot and interact with me? Seriously. I'm a really lucky person. Thank you.

(Also, so you know, I'm trying to respond to all of your thoughtful comments via email, but sometimes I let my email inbox go for three or four days and then it seems weird to email you back, because by that time you've probably not just forgotten your comment and my post, but who I am altogether, so then I just reread the comments and cherish them and respond in my head, which is substantially less effective than responding via email, but I'm lazy and strapped for time and I'm sorry. I do love you all very much. And, seriously, comments are like smiling little bricks of gold to me. Thank you.)

Social media is purty awesome, huh? And my readers/friends/community are the best little corner of social media. In my humble opinion anyway. (Even you lurkers. You know who you are.)

Now I have another post to publish in just a second that is my real post for today, but I sort of feel like every once in a while I need to stop and say thank you. Because you guys are a huge part of Stimeyland and I think it's important that you know that.


Thank you.


  1. I chuckled to myself at the lurker comment... so I thought I would unlruk for a moment. hi!

  2. Lurk, lurk, lurk. I always get a kick out of your posts, even if I can't come up with something worthwhile to leave as a comment. :)

  3. I have lurked for years - love your stories and your kids. Thought while I was pregnant with my third I was going to join the Stimey style three-boy family, but was surprised with a girl. Your kids are wonderful guys, and your posts give me inspiration and warning of what to expect! I imagine you have a huge lurker following sending you silent wishes of support and laughter. I am happy to be part of that!

  4. Oh yeah, another lurker. BTW, to reference one of your other blogs, are balls considered consumables in the Stimey household? If so, we've a WNBA basketball and a mini soccer ball in good shape that your guys can pick up anytime this weekend. Plus, Abby gets home tonight and I'm sure she'd love to see Team Stimey.


  5. uh oh.
    While yup, we don't know each other, I prefer to think of myself as a reader of your blog, and not a 'lurker'. Lurker sounds rather creepy, to me.
    In any case, is reading blogs a bad thing?
    I follow just a few blogs, so... I hope I am not a lurker per se.


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