Two Sides of Quinn

Okay. So, you know how photo companies come into schools and take photos of all the kids and then they select the best one to send home in hopes that you will buy it?

For instance, this awesomely adorable photo of my very handsome Quinn that was taken a few weeks ago:

But they don’t want you to just buy the one photo. They want you to be so in love with the cuteness of what they send home that you will also buy the second best photo, often taken in front of a different—and far more cheesy—background.

So they will find the second best photo and send that one home too. Such as this second best photo of Quinn:

Clicking the photo to enlarge it is kind of totally worth it.

Are you okay? Have you stopped laughing? Because I laughed for about 45 minutes. I love that there just was not a second best image.

But the photo companies know that most parents won’t necessarily order both poses, so they include one fancy sheet with both poses on it so that parents can just buy that and have both photos.

I will sometimes buy this sheet just to get the second pose. Often the juxtaposition of the two photos is really cute.

Or not.

I just can’t stop laughing over the fact that these two photos were the absolute two best.


If you like funny school photos and you haven’t been around here forever, check out this hilarious school photo of Sam from May 2008.

19 thoughts on “Two Sides of Quinn

  1. The first one is beautiful! So handsome, that Quinn! But the second shot looks like he’s mid-meltdown after falling at the park. WHAT were they thinking??

  2. That second picture would have been more awesome if Quinn was being chased by a dog.

    We never buy school pictures because even the “best” ones we get are terrible. Poor Joseph just can’t smile on demand so in all his pictures he looks like he’s being tortured. Sometimes I feel bad about it but do I really want to buy 12 years worth of pictures where Joseph looks like he’s attending Cattle Prod University?

  3. That second picture is hilarious….made even more so because the first picture is so sweet and cute. I had to go back and look at the picture of Sam and was LMAO. How in the world did THAT happen??? LOVE it.

  4. My favorite gift ever is from my mom, a frame where you put every school picture K-12 in a circle, with grad picture in the middle. It is fabulous and funny to see the development – the self-cut bangs year, jack-0-lantern smile years, the braces years, skinny, chubby, awkward middle school, then glam and confident. Worth every cent.

  5. I may just have to post Colin’s “Second best” photo now, it’s funny too, although Quinn takes the cake! The first one is absolutely adorable!!

  6. very, very funny! my daughter is made at me for not paying the extra $8 to have her photo taken in front of the bright blue background. the bummer is, she was right. she blends right into the gray.

  7. I am with Tech Savvy Mama on this one!
    With that said, do you think Quinn’s second photo makes him look, just a bit like his dad?

  8. That really is fabulous! He’s adorable in both, I have to say, but that 2nd one was pretty bad…I can’t believe they sent it home!

  9. “I just completed the NY marathon. and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.” who came up with that background for elementry school kids? what ever happened to the neon floating light bars from our youth? or the pricey but popular side view floating right next to my face look?

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