What Was on the Top Bunk

Jack & the slave child
By jack

I know. I’m confused too. For a lot of reasons.

This was only the front of what appears to be a book. The following pages don’t make much more sense.

I’m starting to wonder if I overlooked what he was really talking about (like, say, the butcher knife stashed under his pillow), but I think this was the only thing up there.

Go ahead. Interpret away.

I dare you.

15 thoughts on “What Was on the Top Bunk

  1. It would appear that Jack wants someone to help him out with his chores. His chores that seem to include using the airborne paper shredder that you store in inconvenient places.

  2. Whuh? You HAVE to ask him for a narration, or I’m going to lose my mind. It looks like the two kids are holding hands via a teleportation device.

    I love his ampersand.

  3. Well I vote the red thing is the oven and Jack is a better cook then you (see smiling face) and the orange and blue things are a washer/dryer and in the last, Jack clearly had to scale laundry mountain to complete his chore.

  4. I think Jack wants a slave child to come and make him some toast in a NEW toaster, then take the old one and throw it over the cliff.

  5. obviously you keep him chained to the kitchen counter while you make him retrieve your coffee cup from odd places just because you can. So he tried to work through it in writing and told you not to look so he wouldn’t get caught… a play therapist would have a blast with this! ;) (My son sees one and I am horrified somedays what comes out of my kid’s mouth/actions.)

  6. i have no idea what it means but i’m starting to think that jack and my daughter, zoe, would get along REALLY well. we have some pretty bizarro things she’s written that i still can’t figure out…

  7. Picture 1: Jack and Slave Child meet while fishing.

    Pictures 2 & 3: Slave child and Jack attempt to either file something or pump gas (or it could be a microwave).

    Picture 4: Something involving an oven.

    Picture 5: Jack or Slave Child take an elevator to get a gigantic cup of coffee.

    The End

  8. oh my gosh. again.

    hopefully by tomorrow morning when I check back, you’ll have something figured out. There’s gotta be some expert in some field who can translate this.

  9. Jack and the slave child – Jack has told the child to do something he shouldn’t (because, being black and white, he knows he shouldn’t, but it’s still tempting, so he’ll have someone else do it for him). It involves danger (red for hot). But once its accomplished it cools off (blue – gets safer). Stuff on the bottom is to put the stuff retrieved that shouldn’t have been. Last picture is Jack himself doing the deed – green because the other kid didn’t get caught, so it must be ok.
    But maybe I’m over analyzing?!?

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