Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Alternatively Titled: "You Have To Try to Pass Along the Crazy When Your Kids Are Young, Or You Run the Risk That It's Not Going to Stick."

Are you talking to me? 'Cause I'm the only one here.

Seriously, isn't that just about the surliest motherfucking gerbil you've ever seen?

My friend Heather
lent me her gerbils for a few days. She brought them over today, along with some cookies. It's like she thinks I'm doing her a favor by petsitting. I'm not sure she understands quite how pathological I am in my adoration of these little guys. If you haven't noticed, I am highly amused by them.

Screw you, tadpoles! I have cuter animals to take care of!

As soon as Heather left my house, I took out my camera to document the gerbils' arrival. I really don't know what's wrong with me. It's like a sickness. It's just so much fun to take their photos. Does it make me sound crazier if I tell you that I think they like it? Because I think they do.

They especially seem to like flash photography. They're media whores.

But here's the thing. Guess who asked to get out his DSi to take a photo of the gerbils so he could have one for himself?

Yes. My first born.

And do you see how that gerbil is posing? I am NOT making this shit up.

Furthermore, Sam made a Christmas tree for them so that they could celebrate the season.

Oh, crap. I hope they're not Jewish.

Sam was inspired by the other art taped to the back of their cage. Heather's daughters made the three pictures there. They, in turn, seem to have been inspired by Jack's "Home Sweet Home" sign that he made for the gerbils the last time they were here.

To her credit, Heather has left the little sign up.

Probably mostly because she knows that you don't fuck around with a crazy person, but still, I think it's nice.

So does whatever this guy's name is:

Hi! My name's Robert! Or Noki! Who the hell knows?

I can't tell them apart. Is that bad? I do know one is fatter than the other, but I don't remember which. I think that the surly one up top is the fat one. Which seems weird, because I know fat people are jolly, so don't you think fat gerbils would be as well?

Anyway. Strap in. I've got these guys until 2010.


  1. Oh, I forgot! The big tadpoles ate all the little tadpoles when we had them at school. I did not tell the children that. (Also, children? Not that observant. They never noticed that we slowly ran out of little tadpoles.)

    Have fun with the gerbils! While I was a psych student at college, I taught a gerbil to press buttons. And he learned to do backflips, but that was just an accident.

  2. Oh, Sweet Fancy Moses! Somebody stop Stimey before she becomes the crazy cat lady. Erm, Gerbil lady? Wait, if you have cats, how long til the gerbils disappear??

    And do the cats use their arms or legs to catch the gerbils? ;-)

  3. Now that you have provided these close up photos of the gerbils, I notice that your cartoon gerbil icon has much rounder and bigger ears than the real ones. Are the icons wearing mickey mouse ears? Or maybe they have some sort of infection? Though, the running beige gerbils on the banner look quite realistic, if impish and free compared to their caged brethern.

  4. It's gonna be a wild ride, Stimey!

  5. I love the gerbil pics. Taking pics of gerbils isn't so bad. At least they're cute. Now me... I was considering dedicating a corner of my blog to "Godot Cam." Taking pictures of a snail has GOT to be trumps in the crazy line.

  6. Clearly you need gerbils of your very own.

  7. You're knitting them sweaters, aren't you? Crazy Gerbil Lady.

  8. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (I didn't feel like using LOL, thought this was more descriptive)

  9. Maybe the next girls trip should be an intervention....

  10. Jewish gerbils? Never considered the possibility. I think they take on the faith of the people who have them. I'm guessing they are accommodating that way.

  11. Soooooooo cute. I love your blog. Gerbils are Mongolian, right? So, probably Buddhist ;)


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