In Case You’re Not Sick of Me Yet

Hey, did you know that I have a new column in the Washington Times Communities online? Check me out at Autism Unexpected, where I’ll be writing all about a couple of my favorite subjects—Jack and autism. (Thanks to Jessica for hooking me up with this.)

You can also find me on the 15th of each month over at Hopeful Parents. Again, I’ll be writing about Jack and autism.

Coming soon: individual blogs about my other kids. And one for each of my pets. And what the hell? One for each of your kids too. I’m just going to do all the writing in the blogosphere.

9 thoughts on “In Case You’re Not Sick of Me Yet

  1. Congrats on thew new gigs.

    Whew. I’ve been wondering when we were going to start outsourcing the work of blogging. Nice niche you’ll be filling.

  2. Never sick of you and so glad you are joining the WT! And while I appreciate the offer of you writing Captain Computer’s blog, as you could tell from yesterday’s get together, he’s a fabulous kid but his adventures wouldn’t be nearly as fun to read about as those in Stimeyland!

  3. When he was peeking at my computer screen (while he was supposed to be doing his homework), my son asked me, “What’s new in Stimeyland?”

    Apparently plenty. Holy cow! Good for you!

  4. Congrats on all the writing! While you’re at it, can you write a blog about my husband? Every time I do it my mother in law gets pissed off at me.

    I’ll be checking your stuff out because autism and Jack are two of my favorite subjects too.

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