Jack comes out from his bedroom where he’s supposed to be asleep.

Jack: “I need to make a tripwire.”

Alex: “Okay. Where do you need to make it?”

Really, Alex? Of the dozens of possible responses to that statement, that’s what you’re going with?

Then, a few minutes later, Alex came in to see me and say, “Just to let you know, the children have set a tripwire to capture you.” Then he wandered off with a shrug, remarking casually as he walked out of the room, “You should go check it out.”

Like I’m falling for that.

11 thoughts on “Sabotage

  1. I find it’s just easier to go along with these things, too. Although next year the stocking is NOT going in the bedroom and especially NOT when there are jingle bells on the door handle!

  2. Um, I think the proper response (by Alex) *might* BE a few ended questions, like,
    Oh, that’s interesting, so what do you mean by a tripwire?
    What are you hoping to accomplish? and,
    What is a tripwire anyway?

    Walk carefully, I guess!

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