The Tripwire Was Anti-Climactic

Some of you—and I’m looking at you here, Jen—have asked what happened with the tripwire. See, I forgot to tell you because the actual tripwire turned out to be way less interesting than Alex’s response to Jack’s initial query. But while I knew how it turned out, somehow I forgot that I don’t actually have a Jack-cam running in the sidebar to alert you to his doings.

That might be extreme. Even for me.

So here’s the end of the story. Well, to begin with, it turned out that Jack wasn’t really trying to kill me. In fact, he even made a warning sign.

Because, while he IS a terrorist, he is a RESPONSIBLE terrorist.

Here is a photo of the actual jump rope tripwire:

Let’s just pretend that Jack’s face isn’t some weird, horrible, Jacob’s Ladder-type blurry and that I didn’t have to Photoshop pants onto Quinn to hide his nakedness and the fact that he had his hand down his underpants.

I figured that someone should trip over the thing, so when I went to bed about 30 seconds before Alex, I turned out all the lights and hid in the hallway to survey the situation. I’m sorry to report that he didn’t fall (see what I did there?) for it.

So, altogether, sort of a disappointing/no-catch trap.


Unless…that was the decoy tripwire and there is another one hidden elsewhere.


Really, you can never be too careful around these people.

13 thoughts on “The Tripwire Was Anti-Climactic

  1. You’ve got mad skilz when it comes to photoshop! I had a coughing fit (thanks a lot!) when I saw that picture. OMG. Do I really have to wait til August to meet you IRL??

  2. Quinn’s little photoshopped pants are way cuter than they have any business being.

    I’m going to sleep better tonight knowing how this all turned out.

  3. I laughed so hard that Reilly came over to check out the madness. Turns out the picture isn’t nearly as funny if you’re an 8 year old boy… But I’m still thinking of those pants.

  4. I think it was the photoshopped pants that got me laughing outloud. Some of us really understand that one. LOL.

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