Every year my family goes to the local nature center’s holiday light display. And every year it turns into a complete disaster. Sam always ends up bent out of shape about something. There was the year I dragged TEN people out of my house on Christmas Eve to go to the display only to find out that they were closed on Christmas Eve. And you can’t forget last year when we lost Quinn’s shoe in a bush.

But because we are gluttons for punishment—or creatures of habit—we go back every year.

This year was different. We set expectations ahead of time and we were there right when it opened, so it wasn’t incredibly busy. We had enough cash to buy hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. And there was even a table with four (close enough) chairs for us to sit in and eat at. The planets aligned for us.

Sometimes it’s nice to have an easy, non-dramatic Team Stimey outing. No humor here tonight, folks. Just pretty lights and cute children.

13 thoughts on “Light

  1. Am sorta glad my kids are content with the drive around the block past the ‘snowflake house’ bit. Maybe when my youngest is Q’s age I’ll attempt! ;-)

  2. OMG, isn’t it amazing when you get a meltdown-free outing? We went to dinner (only Red Robin, but still) last week and there was not a single whine or thrown piece of food. Wow. Something to remember.

  3. Totally unrelated note. Do you have an IKEA near you? Their children’s section has a new batch of super soft and cute rodent plush: mice, rats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs. I don’t think they have gerbils in Sweden, so I couldn’t identify a gerbil. Don’t tell my sister, but I got her a rat.

  4. Glad you had a good trip this time. We have finally learned our lesson about that place, too. We showed up right when it opened and although it was still packed, we had a nice uneventful time. See you soon.

  5. This is my favorite place to go during Xmas!!!! We actually tried to go on Saturday, but it was so freakin’ windy we couldn’t. We’re going to make a last-ditch attempt next Sunday evening. I’d hate to miss it this year. I’m glad it went so well for you this time.

    Incidentally, you know that big gazebo in the middle? That’s where we got married! :)

  6. sooooo pretty. :) We missed all our pre-christmas stuff due to this stupid dumb move into our new house. but worth it. thanks for letting me live vicariously through your lights :)

  7. I’m so jealous you got to go! We usually go and didn’t make it this year. The nights we were free to go, it was just way too cold (we’re from FL originally, maybe we’re wimps. Or maybe it’s b/c everyone was recovering from pneumonia.)

    But at least we have your photos!

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