Saturday, January 9, 2010

--ll -n the -l--- -aughing. Not.

The lamest thing happened to me this afternoon. I spilled soda into my laptop keyboard. I'm not sure yet how I can blame it on Alex, but I'm sure that eventually I will figure out a way.

It sucks. I'm on my secondary laptop right now. (BIG first world problems, I know.)

I only spilled a little soda, and it went into the keyboard, not the ports or anything, but I can sense the aspartame corroding the innards of my computer. It makes me kind of sick every time I think about it.

The computer seems to work fine (knock on wood, knock on wood, oh dear lord, knock on wood), but four of the keys don't work anymore. I was testing them one by one and writing down the ones that don't work:


I kid you not.

My computer is laughing at me.

Cruel irony aside, it turns out that they are important letters. Especially if you're trying to Google something like, "I spilled soda on my keyboard," or "how do you clean out a laptop keyboard after your husband tricks you into spilling soda on it."

What I've decided to do is power it down and walk away from it for 24 hours or so. I figure that if I ignore it for long enough, it'll start to work again. Right? Right? Please tell me I'm right.

I'm so screwed.


  1. You could try replacing the keyboard if a complete dry-out doesn't work.

    And my verification word is "bratoydr", which for some reason (bra toy dr?) I find hilarious.

  2. I love how you manage to find the humor in anything - possibly sullied technology included.

    I happen to know that if you drop a cell phone in the toilet, the conventional wisdom is to remove the battery and put the phone in a bag full of rice until it dries out. But that probably doesn't apply here.

    Good luck.

  3. ROFL. Now I am!

    1. You can get a new keyboard relatively cheap.

    2. Even cheaper, you can get a USB keyboard to throw on top of your not-so-laptop.

  4. I've actually heard the opposite--keep your laptop on. The warmth will speed the drying. Good luck!

    Fourth Breakfast

  5. This WILL work. This MUST work.

  6. I love laughing at my own first world problems - especially the ones that arise because of or part of de-cluttering.

  7. I'm positive, based on the broken keys, that it is certainly Alex's fault!

  8. Oof! Poor you. Not laughing. I would be out of my mind!

  9. Sorry to hear but glad that I am not the only one to add liquid to an electronic. I could not find my phone so I called it but went straight to emil. Thus off or dead, knowing me out of juice. So then I think I must have lost it, also another knowing me. I think it has to be in the pocket of something I wore. Sure enough found in pocket of my clean pants in the closet. So the phone went through the washer and dryer. It does still work but I expect it to kill over someday, just because. Hope this makes you feel better.

  10. Remove the battery, unplug the machine, leave it alone for at least thirty minutes (give the capacitors time to discharge), and then use very small amounts of rubbing alcohol to rinse the sticky and stuck keys. Give the machine a minimum of 24 hours to dry out, and then return the battery to it and plug it back in and turn it on.

  11. Your laptop and I... we're both laughing ;~) Seriously though... really hope the walking away worked.

  12. You might actually be right! Diana spilled beer on Jimmy's keyboard the other night. The screen went blank! We tried to clean it up as fast as possible, but Jimmy saw it anyways. We turned it off, and about an hour later it was working fine again!
    For the keys try getting a Q-tip wet and running it between them, maybe? Sometimes you can actually take off the keys, clean underneath them, and snap them back on.
    Good luck with that! Weird about the ROFL keys!

  13. LOL!!! That's funny- hope you can fix it though... gosh, I hate when stuff gets spilled on the keyboard!


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