My First BlogHer Post of the Year: Big News!

You guys, I am so excited I almost can’t contain myself. In a fit of paranoia back in December I bought my BlogHer ’10 ticket to make sure I didn’t miss out on registration. I secured roommates on New Year’s Eve. One of said roommates reserved us a hotel room in early January. I don’t know how I’m getting to New York, but I live in DC, so I could practically walk there if I had to.

Let me amend that: I could easily catch a bus there.

You’ll remember that BlogHer is in August.

Wait, wait, wait! It’s gets better. So much better. After a gang of us special needs parents decided at last year’s BlogHer that we badly needed a special needs panel this coming year, several (many?) of us submitted ideas for such a panel.

And there is such a panel!! Right there, first panel of the conference Friday morning:

Blogging Autism: Shattering Myths, Opening Eyes and Finding Your Tribe Autism is both more out in the open than it has ever been before and more shrouded in myths and mystery. Come learn and share your stories about how blogging contributes to the autism community as a source of support and outlet for parents, as a way for those not dealing directly with autism to gain more insight and sensitivity and as a tool for advocacy and activism.

The phenomenal panel will be led by the lovely, charismatic, inspirational, and oh-so-smart Shannon Des Roches Rosa (you know, Squid), who will be moderating. I know, right? Awesome. I don’t know who most of the other people on the panel are, but I do know one: ME!

I’m kinda both excited out of my mind and freaking out beyond belief. Also? I’m relatively sure that I will burst into tears at some point.

I AM pretty excited about getting up there and accidentally spewing out something wildly inappropriate. For instance, introducing myself as, “Hey, motherfuckers! I’m Stimey!” Because now that the phrase is in my head, it’s going to be really hard to keep it inside there, where it belongs.

I know that a lot of you special needs friends out there are going to BlogHer this year. I am so excited to meet/re-meet/jump all over you. It is an honor beyond words that I get to sit up there in front of you.

Now I just have to think of something worthwhile to say.

27 thoughts on “My First BlogHer Post of the Year: Big News!

  1. Oh, honey, I have NO doubt you will find exactly the right thing to say. And I’ll be there in the front row smiling, laughing, and crying. Maybe even all at the same time. :-)

  2. Serious squee! Thrilled THRILLED to have you on board!

    BlogHer is really great about shaping the panels beforehand through discussions and conference calls, so no worries about the what behind your speaking — you’ll be well supported and guided, and we’ll all work together to make things fluid.

    I *can* tell you that one of the other panelists is Sharon da Vanport! She’s an adult with autism and the force behind Autism Women’s Network:

    The fact that the third speaker agreed to come on board is making me almost PIMP but she’s not public yet. I can tell you that she is the sibling of an adult with severe autism.

    I’m feeling somewhat prepared as I already have fabulous shoes, though those of you who were at Vicki Forman’s party at my house last August must pretend you’ve never seen them before.

  3. That’s fantastic! I am going to have to go completely off the grid during Blogher, because the idea of the rest of you all being together in the same place at the same time might just kill me.

  4. AWESOME!! You will be fabulous! And if you don’t say, “Hi motherfuckers!” I will be totally disappointed. But will make up with you if you agree to share b-fast (and a run this time) with me! I loved hanging with you last year & am so looking forward to this year.

  5. I know you will be awesome and can’t wait to be part of your audience clapping like crazy for you! Would it be too nuts if I brought a big sign and a foam finger to wave??? You know I’d do it for moral support in a heartbeat! Congratulations!

  6. i wish i could be there to hear you. i’d go just to hear you, and i don’t even have an autistic child, if that gives you any confidence! i think you have so much wisdom and have learned so much from your experience, i think women will be glad to get your input!

  7. Oh, wow! That’s phenomenal! You will be awesome, I know it. I’m going to do everything in my power to go this year (my first :)

  8. How did I miss this?! AWESOME! I have a friend who’s speaking on a panel at BlogHer! I’m so cool!!

    I’m so excited for you, motherfucker!

  9. Whooo hoooo! That is fabulous! Mothafuckahs!! (Totally say that! Make up a secret response that only your blog readers will know to say. Like we’ll yell back, “GERBILS!”) Then you know we’re there!

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