Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stories From the Bus Stop

I hate going to the bus stop. It is probably 0.05 miles from my front door, but it seems like an ordeal on many of the days I have to walk down my street, around the corner, and up the hill to the T-intersection where I wait for my kids.

See, I drop Sam and Jack off at school in the morning, but they take buses home. And I say buses, plural, because Jack takes a special ed bus. Technically Jack's bus driver is supposed to drop him off in front of my house, but as his bus arrives at about the same time as Sam's, she is kind enough to check for me at the regular stop to see if I am

first, i'm not good at small talk

second, it's a weird stratification with different languages, etc.

ellie always wants to come over

jack breaks into vanessa's gated yard

sam whines at me when he gets off the bus

jack lollygags on the way home

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