They’re Even Squirmier Than I Imagined

My gerbils are going back to their real family soon, so I’ve been trying to get in some quality time with them. Usually quality time means glancing at them as I walk by their box. But the other day, it meant something entirely different.

See, Heather left a comment on my last gerbil post about how Alex tried to terrify the gerbils to death. And I quote:

“The gerbils’ mom here. I don’t mind that you removed Noki from the cage. Don’t worry about their little hearts. They get picked up and petted at home. HOWEVER, maybe next time you could remove Cassidy The Predator from the immediate vicinity.

Can you imagine the chaos that would have ensued if Noki had gotten away from Alex?!! That would have been a damn fine Stimeyland post. I would almost be willing to sacrifice one gerbil (probably Robert) just to read it.”

Well, first I went and told Robert that I love him, but that his real mom doesn’t and if he ever runs away from home that he has a safe place at my house. Or I might have told Noki. I still don’t know which is which.

And then I put the dog outside.

And then I did this:

And this:

And now I feel happy.

23 thoughts on “They’re Even Squirmier Than I Imagined

  1. Great pictures. But they make me wonder, Why didn’t Santa bring Stimey some gerbils of her very own for Christmas, since she loves them so?

    And they’re a hell of a lot easier to deliver by sleigh than a pony.

  2. Oh, beautiful photos of gerbil love!

    And sooooo funny that the Gerbil Mom even speculates WHICH GERBIL she would sacrifice!

  3. Notice how the gerbil’s eyes are sparkling in the photos? I hope this means that [the gerbil] enjoys being picked up. :)

    Also – was there the option of a pony?! If so, I think that ponies are slightly preferable to gerbils… though not by much!

  4. I got bit by one when I was a kid. The have sharp teeth! So I’m not fond of holding them. But boy they sure do make YOU happy! That’s a good thing. Enjoy!

  5. Aw, gerbil love! Look how happy Noki makes you. That was Noki right? Because I’ve heard terrible things about Robert.

  6. OMG I had to go read the whole gerbil saga to get the back story. You really haven’t lived until you’ve held a gerbil, or perhaps a hamster, since they don’t have those long creepy tails.

  7. I’m glad someone else thinks their as cute as I do. I get such a kick out of them. A lot of people see them and can’t get past the tail.

    Also did you know they are illegal in CA? I have a friend out there and she told me that. Too funny.

  8. I didn’t realize gerbils were so big? I’ve only had hamsters, including a siberian dwarf hamster that did back flips all day long in its cage. Now that was entertainment…at least it seemed so when I was in college. I also had a red beta named Satan that would jump to hit your finger if you held it over his bowl. Hey it was that and the lifetime channel, I wasn’t very social back then either. :P

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