Monday, February 8, 2010

The Eye of the Storm

I gotta tell ya', I'm ready to leave my house. There are only so many hours out of the day that we can play in the snow. We're running out of dry clothes. We're running out of hot chocolate. My kitchen floor has had dirty water tracked in on it so many times that I've just given up entirely.

School has been canceled for today and tomorrow. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. It is supposed to snow again on Tuesday and Wednesday, which doesn't leave me a lot of hope for school at all this week. At first I heard that we were supposed to get a couple of inches. But it seems like every time a newscaster mentions the Tuesday Storm, the amount gets bigger. Last I heard, we were supposed to get a foot.

Thankfully we have power and heat, unlike some more unfortunate friends. I would like to follow that statement up with this: KNOCKONWOODKNOCKONWOODKNOCKONWOOD!!!!! Because, seriously, if the power goes out, I don't know what I will do.

My kids are being perfectly pleasant, but they have been crawling all over me, literally, for three days now.

The dog's been a little freaked out too. I think largely because the children have been crawling all over her for three days as well. Not to mention, her legs are far shorter than the snow in the backyard, causing all kinds of problems for her. Day One of KillStorm 2010* left her completely discombobulated. She ran around stealing mittens off of our hands for a while and then she tackled Quinn.

Then she tried to kill the climbing rope on our swingset. I finally had to remove it from her reach.

For those of you who wondered what happened to Quinn after he made it to the swingset, he got snow down his coat, had to be rescued because the snow on the slide platform was too deep, and then took this highly disappointing trip down the slide.

It took him like, five minutes to get to the bottom.

Yesterday we spent our outside time shoveling—and killing the snow bunny.

Twenty-four hours of snowfall had turned the snow bunny into more of a giant snow lump, so it was less sad to see Sam tear its arm off and beat him with it.

Then Quinn stabbed it with a stick and Jack triumphantly stood on his head after ripping out chunks of its snow-flesh with his teeth.

This is what I am afraid will happen to me if the schools don't open soon.

I have about eleventy billion other cute photos of my cute kids doing cute things in the snow because that was my excuse as to why I couldn't shovel. Because I had the camera. Also, because I shoveled the last big snow we had. Thank God.

Doesn't he look happy?

While I won't subject you to all the photos I took, I must show you this one. I think it's possible Alex was working out some aggression here.

Naturally, Jack and Quinn wanted to be thrown over and over.
Also? Don't show this to Sam, because he's too
heavy for us to throw and it would devastate him
that he didn't get to do this.

Good luck to all of my snowed in friends all over the East Coast. May your power come back soon. May your schools open. May your stores of beer and chocolate remain plentiful. And send your good wishes to me that my internet not go out. Also my power and heat.

* Shamelessly stolen from Joeymom. No, that's not true. I have lots of shame.


  1. Oh I feel your pain.
    Sadly my stores of wine have not lasted and so later today I am going to walk up the hill to the liquor store and buy me some. I am thinking I will get the boxed wine so that when I fall flat on my ass coming down the hill I do not break the bottle of wine and impale myself with the glass.
    I did take the boys out for a walk yesterday afternoon because if I didn't get out of here I was going to hang myself from our balcony.

    Good God I don't know what I will do if we lose power.

  2. I know this might sound rude but the fact that my husband is home is like, the worst side effect. I love him but he keeps expecting me to take care of him and stuff. "DUDE - I need to work here! Go play a video game with the kids!" hehee

  3. Yep, we missed three days last week. I don't have any words of wisdom for you because I'm sure you've made snow ice cream and snow slushies and gotten to World 5 on Mario.

    Good luck with all that...

    (I wish I had something more inspirational to say.)

  4. Glad you kept your power. We were out for 18 hours. Glad to have it back. Hope it doesn't go out again, but charging anything that can be charged just in case. BTW, if it does go out and you can turn on your stove burners, boil water in many pots, it helps keep it warmer. We only boiled one pot so it didn't help. Heard that many pots work better. Good luck and we'll see you in the spring.

  5. I'm glad you haven't lost power. I am done with being stuck inside as well. Matt is currently shoveling the street so we can escape into commercial bliss (aka the grocery store). We are out of diapers, so this is a neccessity! Hope to see you sometime this week!

  6. Ditto! There is no light at the end of this tunnel. And I can't even take the boys outside, long story. I love the pics, especially the one of your dog attacking the rope, this is how I feel :)

  7. This is pretty much the funniest post I have ever read. I was cackling hysterically reading the photo captions, too. I hope you guys survive the next few days, and I hope Lane and I do, too. We are going nuts trapped in here.

  8. I never thought there would be a day where I would be relieved to *only* get 18 inches of snow in Harrisburg, but here we are! Good luck digging out down there. :)

  9. OH man, that must be horrible!! Wish I could help!! Just don't send it my way. ;-)

  10. Thanks for the shot out.

    Yeah, it sucks. Big time.

  11. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! For taking the hit this time. I'm so sick of the cold and the snow I could scream(where could = already have). February vacation starts next week and that's soon enough!

    Wishing you wine, power, sanity and a February thaw.

  12. Wish I had lots of cute snow pics, but we've been hard at work trying to get my mom through the lack of power. She won't come here because she can't take the constant noise, so we've had to take her out food and bring wood up the stairs for her (her hip is still shot). Hopefully I'll get them on the sledding hill tomorrow.

  13. That answers the question I sent you about snow days. I do love the photos. YM

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA! If I had seen that throwing in person, I would have had a heart attack.

    Also, haha to Melissa for running out of diapers!

    I wish I had a blog where I could post fun kid pics.

  15. This snow is KILLING. ME.

    The amount we have is insane. The predicted amount (16-22 more inches) is beyond my ability to grasp. That would be five feet of snow on the ground. My children will disappear.

    Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing..

    Just kidding but seriously, OMG. Help us all.

  16. Wow--that is a lot of snow! You're very lucky to have power & heat. Glad the kids had a good time.

  17. I know what I'll do if the power goes out. Run screaming naked form my house into the forest and never look back. Better chance of surviving out there butt naked and frozen than in here fully clothed with a house full of cabin feverish male children. I'll take my chances on the run!

  18. Oh, god, get the kids back in school!! I hope school is open later this week and storm #2 isn't as bad as they say. We've having one now and I'm pretty sure the media hyperbole is overplaying what we're actually going to get. But at least in Chicago they never cancel school so if we can get 'em there, they go. I say "if" because they aren't all that great at plowing the roads. Good luck this week and keep that camera out!

  19. Bracing for today's new storm. Haven't been out since Thursday. Feeling your pain. Of course since my kids are 8 and 10 I can pretty much ignore them.
    I actually WANT to go back to work.

  20. First, the boys look like they are having a lot of fun! Next time, Quinn can bring a sled or tray up the slide. :)
    Now you say, "Jack triumphantly stood on his head after ripping out chunks of its snow-flesh with his teeth."
    Is this why Jack is missing teeth?! I hope not. Snowbunny's revenge.


  21. Guess what! No school for the rest of the week. NOT KIDDING!! Oh @@@@##%%%!!!!!

  22. We don't have "snow days" here in Montana. I'm not sure what it would take to cancel...though some kids have had short-term success with bomb threats.

    I must say that I'm quite disappointed that you couldn't come up with something like this:

  23. I wish my little peeps would go out! I even bought them snowpants at Goodwill today, and asked jimmy to get the sleds down from the garage... but then Little Bear came home from school with a fever, and we are stuck inside AGAIN!!!


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