Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Good Day

Today was one of those days in which the sun shone on me. School was finally back in session, albeit with a two-hour delayed start time, which kind of shook up my morning. Two hour delays create a situation where I have to drop Quinn off at preschool for a shortened day, then speed to Sam and Jack's school to drop them off 20 minutes later.

Then, of course, once I got home I had 36 minutes all to myself before I had to go pick Quinn up again, but evidently those 36 minutes were what I've been needing for the past 10 days that my family has been semi-snowbound.

I was refreshed and spent all afternoon being with Quinn—really being with him. When Sam and Jack got home, I spent time really being with them too.

Well, not Sam. His Scholastic book club order came today, so he just wanted to read. But I got to spend some good time with Jack and Quinn.

The high point of my day was, believe it or not, homework. Every day after school, Sam and Jack sit at the dining room table and do their homework. Today was no exception. Fortunately the load was light, and both of them were happy to get it done.

But that's not the homework I'm talking about. I'm talking about Quinn's homework. Halfway through the year, the four-year-old class starts getting weekly homework. It's completely optional, but the teacher gives it out so that the kids can get in the habit of doing it.

Sam liked doing his homework fine when he was in that class. I think Jack did his once. But Quinn? Oh, dear lord, I do believe that child has been sitting around at the dining room table every afternoon for the past couple of years just waiting to get assigned some honest to God homework for himself.

There were four or five worksheets in his homework packet and Quinn did them all. He was especially proud of his coloring page. He ran around the house shoving it in the face of his brothers. He was SO proud.

His excitement doesn't translate to the photo.

It was really fun to see him so excited and just so proud that he almost couldn't contain it. He's a kid who wants to be like his big brothers.

I tell ya', we're living in a topsy turvy world where I feel great about a day where I get absolutely nothing accomplished except for playing with my kids and homework is the best part of my day.


  1. Inspiring really...because we go back tomorrow and I'll be right there with you...joy filling my heart as I drill the fourth grader on American Indians and wrestle the second grader to the floor in attempt to get him to use his pencil grip....

    I can hardly wait.

  2. That boy looks DARN ready for kindergarten!

    I get my 36 minutes today FINALLY. During which I have to replenish all provisions, otherwise we have to eat each other for dinner tonight.

    Glad to hear of a happy homework hour!

  3. OMG - I have never, ever said homework was the highlight of my day. Perhaps Sophie will bring that joy to the table when she starts getting homework.

  4. PS - glad those 36 minutes were enough to refresh you! xo

  5. You deserved a really good day. I have to create "homework" for Gremlin as well. I like the 'trace the letters' Crayola books.

  6. This is so cool, on so many levels. I did particularly like the caption under Quinn's picture regarding the underwhelmed look he was sporting. Too funny. Great day for you!

  7. I have the same thing going on here - Charlie starts Kindergarten in August and he's been WAITING for homework for 2 years!

    The power of big brothers is clearly huge.

  8. Of course he's been waiting! What kid doesn't wait to be old enough to do homewor-.... wait. Is that true?


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