Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Almost Like Redoing a Bathroom Isn't Fun

We (and by "we" I mean "Alex") is redoing one of our bathrooms. I've been strictly forbidden from blogging about the reasons why we are redoing one of our bathrooms, but I am allowed to blog about the remodel. Especially now that it is going well and the floor has been replaced.

That's right. We demo-ed/are demo-ing this bathroom down to the joists. For a while, if you forgot that one of our bathrooms was out of commission, you could haplessly open the door and step into nothingness. Fortunately my mom-paranoia kicked in and we made sure to lock the door.

That's not to say that we never let the munchkins play amongst the insulation and rusty nails.

C'mon! What kind of boring parents do you think we are?

We DO supervise them when they're inside the walls though. I love this next photo (1) because of the semi-annoyed face that Alex is sporting and continues to sport in varying degrees of irritation throughout all of my bathroom redo photos, and (2) because the dog is mugging Quinn.

It's possible that it's consensual though.

Alex has never built a floor before, but ever since four years ago when a neighbor asked me if my husband was handy and I said, "not really," Alex has been trying to prove me wrong. He's been almost entirely successful. Almost.

Anyway, Alex has been using the children as little assistants. They've been his tool carriers, and have given him animate objects to curse at.

Can you find Alex? Like "Where's Waldo?" only surlier.

I've been used as a cursing target too. Especially when he's wedged under a beam and I start taking photos.

As I am wont to do.

But Alex saved most of his cursing for the floor he was laying. At one point, I thought he was going to lose it entirely. It turns out that it's hard to make a floor.

Although Jack makes it look easy.

There are evidently many, many layers to a floor. And they have to fit exactly. And they have to be flat. Really flat. I'm glad I'm not in charge of making a floor.

Honestly, I'm annoyed enough that I had to take part in the great supply-buying trip to Home Depot. Evidently, once you build a floor, you have to purchase things to put on top of it. Today, we bought tile, a vanity, a sink, faucets, assorted supplies, and, on the spur of the moment, a light for our bedroom. It turns out that buying all of that, plus a trip to the Home Depot bathroom, takes a loooong time.

From Twitter

Alex made me go with him so that I could help make decisions on things when I would have much preferred he go by himself and let me criticize his choices later. Preferably after installation.

But wait! If Alex and I both were at the Home Depot, where were our kids?

Yep, that's right. Suffering right along next to us.

Quinn got bored first. Then he got mad after Alex
rammed his legs into a pylon in the kitchen department.

Jack just looks bored here because I took his iPhone to take photos. You know, like normal people do at the Home Depot.

We were getting a little punchy in the sinks department. We were trying to decide between the colors of Rocky Road, Cobblestone, and Ginger. Apparently the people who name sink colors are just as ridiculous as those who name the paint colors. (We ended up with Rocky Road. And not just because it's named after an ice cream.)

Holding a tile up to the samples wasn't helping much. Neither was Alex's suggestion to stand several feet away and "Don't look directly at it—just glance at it. Look at it! Look away!"

I didn't even ask him to make this face. It just naturally occurred. He's INSANE.

Fortunately, I have my shit totally together.

The bathroom is going to be awesome. Eventually.


  1. The title of this is absolutely priceless!
    I can relate.

  2. I have sooooo many things to say about this post. One, I LOVE the picture of the two young giraffes shoehorned into a shopping cart. Two, aren't sinks white? Also, hahaha. I'm sooo glad I'm not remodeling anything.

  3. So glad I was no where near HD today. Sounds miserable. I remember taking my kids on every bathroom fixture expedition. Ugh. Once Molly bit Jake in the toilet aisle so hard on his back it drew blood. Good times.

    Cracking up at the "look away!" comment. We do that too when making style decisions.

  4. Spill the beans!!! I want to know why you are remodeling!

  5. Home renovations are never fun, but make excellent blog fodder. And floors suck.

  6. SwingDaddy and I met at Home Depot during a lunch hour during our bathroom renovation (many years ago) and made all the selections in one crazy sweep. Probably not recommended, but it turned out ok. Still, it's amazing how much can be done when you're not chasing children at the same time.

  7. So in the middle of snow-bound ennui, you're also gutting a bathroom? I agree with Joeymom: total tenacity.

    My guess is that the pee of boys who *can't aim properly* has eaten away at the floor, hence the remodel.

  8. I completely understand where you are coming from. Our bathroom has been stripped down too. We are paying someone to put it back together, but Frank is helping him a lot and we have been to Home Depot, Lowes, and The Restore, with kids way too many times! Wouldn't that have been fun if we had all run into eachother there together. We ended up at the Gaithersburg one this weekend so we missed you! But I will say that it gets better as progress goes. And now hubby has it in his head that we are doing the next one by ourselves....NOOOOOOO. Plus our hardwood floor project is not done yet, so my house is a hot mess! Wanna come over...and bring the kids :)

  9. I'm traumatized. Seriously. We're going through it with our downstairs powder room (thank God no tub!!). The only reason we aren't doing the same damn thing to the floor? Two words: concrete slab. Thank God for small favors!

  10. Flat is overrated. And of course, time-consuming.

  11. Worse comes to worst, you can build an igloo for a bathroom outside until you're done. :)

  12. Having to do a remodel like that is my worst nightmare its not.

    My worst nightmare would be having to take my children with me to Home Depot to re-furnish the newly remodeled bathroom.

    You deserve a medal.

  13. heh heh heh.

    That is why, when we did a bathroom reno, I sent MPS and the kids away and did it all myself.

  14. So glad I wasn't blogging pre-kids when we were renovating the old part of our house. Egads. Building the shed in the back almost cost us our marriage very early on as did many Friday night trips to Home Depot to get supplies for rebuilding our porch. Good thing both came out well otherwise we might not still be married! :) Good luck and I can't wait to see how the bathroom turns out!

  15. Um .. I might swear at you too if I were under the beams laying on that nasty plastic icky layer and you started taking my picture .... not to mention that there are always SPIDERS in those places!

    Oh and "Don't look directly at it—just glance at it. Look at it! Look away!" if I had seen you doing that I would have SO joined in!

  16. Man on Man! you are far braver than I.

    Assembling IKEA furniture is a DLE (Divorce Level Event) for husband and I. Hate to think what doing a whole bathroom would result in.


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