Oh, I Forgot About That Part

You know how there are some doctor visits that you just don’t think will bother your kids? Like when you make an appointment to take all three of them to the eye doctor because you just got vision coverage and thought it would be a good idea to just make sure everything’s okay? And then you get there after promising them that it will be mellow and easy and nothing will hurt? And then you remember about the stinging eye drops?

Yeah. So, that happened.

18 thoughts on “Oh, I Forgot About That Part

  1. I think you need to stick to some more traditional snow-activities. Things like sledding and building snow bunnies (that are then murdered in your front yard by people you live with…) Anyway, clearly, the eye doctor is not the best choice for times like this. I’m just saying.

  2. We did that last year! My then 5yr old needed to be checked and they did the test where they blow air into his eyes and he got the eye drops. Poor kid still talks about those stupid drops and worries about when he’ll get them next. Little does he know that he gets that fun test again in a few months.

    I love how you took pics at the dr.’s office!!

  3. Our optometrist’s office has some sort of high-tech “camera” they can use to take a picture without requiring the eye drops. Naturally, insurance doesn’t cover the extra thirty bucks.

    Worth every freakin’ penny.

  4. The paper sunglasses only make this picture that much more hilarious/sad.

    To make those drops more tolerable I tell Joseph that after he gets them his snot will be bright yellow. Somehow this little fact makes the stinging seem not so bad.

  5. Aww poor guy! At least it’s better than a shot, right??

    I found your blog from a SITS list on Twitter of people who are attending Bloggy Bootcamp in Baltimore! I just signed up as well! Hopefully I will meet you there!

  6. Yes! Poor Gremlin got hijacked during HRH’s yearly and everyone got flu shots. It was not pretty. Especially if you think you’re just a tag-along.

  7. Owch!!! I remember how bad I hated those eyedrops when I was a kid! They feel like they’re going straight into your brain!!!

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