Snowmageddon II: Snowmageddon*

I am so entertained by the state of panic into which the DC area has been thrown by the threat of a blizzard. Team Stimey responded by building a Snow Bunny.

It is possibly the greatest bit of snow architecture that Team Stimey (meaning Alex, Jack, and Quinn, in this case) has ever produced.

I do question the fact that they created a snout, a carrot nose, and a raisin smiley face. (The snow bunny looks a little like a giant Pooh Bear.)

The snow bunny was Jack’s idea. He loved it. He hugged it. That kid makes me soft and gooshy inside.

So now we have a snow bunny sentry. Complete with bushy little bunny tail.

Happy Snowmageddon!

* Mmmm…that’s a bad title.**

** Arrested Development fans might get this.***

*** I wouldn’t have. Alex thought it up.

13 thoughts on “Snowmageddon II: Snowmageddon*

  1. LMAO. Somehow, your snow bunny doesn’t look like what I think of when I first hear the phrase. But I love that it was Jack’s idea and that he hugged it. What a sweetie.

    Either that or he’s scamming you until he’s old enough to hug some real “snow bunnies!” ;-)

  2. Are you sure it’s a bunny? Not a pontificating gerbil? It’s 80F in my room as I type this at 10pm. No aircon here, because we’d only need it about twice a year (and therefore this is *not* a complaint about us finally getting some warm weather!). But we *never* get snow. Sob.

  3. Love your snow bunny. I too think it looks like a pontificating gerbil.

    My kids love the snow. Andy likes the snow. I HATE the snow. Sometimes I suck it up to be part of happy family moments. Other times I watch through the window, drinking tea.

  4. You’re right! There is something about snow creatures that make kids want to hug them! We hope team Stimey is having fun during this huge dump of snow. It’s about 17 inches deep her near Catholic U. Fun, fun, fun! -Monica

  5. I’m impressed with the bunny. Wow! My kids built a fort to crawl inside of and presumably hide from me. I might just kick them out and bury myself inside with my laptop.

  6. I love the snow bunny!!! He’s huge– enjoy the snow. We got a little over a foot here I’d say. I haven’t been out to measure yet!

  7. So funny, B just looked over my shoulder and said “A Winnie the Pooh Snowman?” and you know he can’t read, so it really does look like the bear himself.

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