Hi everyone. I just changed my URL and feed to www.stimeyland.com. Hopefully everything should be working for you and this should be coming through in your feed readers (if you’re a subscriber). As I did this myself and I am a little unsure of what I just did, let me know if you’re having any problems. Well, let me know if you’re having problems specifically related to this site.

12 thoughts on “Testing…

  1. Geez! I was just beginning my list of “problems” when you decided to qualify that offer. Thanks for that.

  2. I feel like Niksmom should be punched, unless she’s enduring this snow with us. And then she should be high-fived for being able to make a pun at this point.

  3. I have countless problems, many specifically related to this site, but others only indirectly related to things that this site occasionally posts, especially those that link to things that otherwise appear funny, but which turn out to be quite the opposite, to the point of becoming a nauseating experience rivaling that of hearing any more complaints about snow, ___-mageddon, or kids being on the brink of self-destruction (at the hands of their parents) and which seem to be taking a terrible turn for the worse. Besides, couldn’t you at least get a good movie of Alex throwing the dog into the snow? Sure, it’s not a cat, but you’ve never been much of a conformist anyway.

    Oh, and the site works fine.

  4. Considering the fact that I just did a Stimey-thon and read 11 posts in a row before this one, this post was sitting in my reader and came up just as easily and problem-free as the previous 11.

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