Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's a Helluva Lot of Snow Out There

There were two things I wanted from this latest snowstorm:

1. I wanted my power to stay on.
2. I didn't want my roof to collapse.

So far we are two for two.

This was the scene at my house yesterday after it stopped snowing. At the time that I took this photo, I was standing in crotch-deep snow in my back yard. I was busy pursuing Jack in his effort to get to the little house in the way back of the yard.

I didn't make it. Jack did.

He's the black and blue dot in the doorway.

I was dumb enough to make some offhand jokey comment about, ha, ha, you guys should clear a path to the little house. Twenty minutes later, Jack was there. He didn't make it until after the neighbors leaned out of their window and shouted, "Are you crazy?" and I had to admit that we were.

It's really crazy out there. It's a little crazy inside too. We've all been trapped home together with little respite since last Friday. Alex works for the federal government, so what with school and his work being canceled all week so far (and tomorrow), we're starting to lose it.

Alex spectacularly lost it when we went out in the snow to play and he went flailing off through the yard with the dog in hot pursuit in an effort to burn off some energy.

This photo is for you, Jen.

Then he fell flat on his face in the snow.

It couldn't be more awesome.

Other members of our family were losing it other ways. For instance, here is Sam beating Jack over the head with a giant icicle.

You know it's bad when Sam tells Jack to stand there
and be beaten with an icicle and Jack agrees.

Really. We've got to get out of this house soon or there WILL be a corpse.

And the dog will likely be feasting on it.

I like that it looks like she's swimming in the snow here.

Seriously, she's freaking out. Although I suppose I would be too if I had to go to the bathroom in three feet of snow.

Weather gods willing, this is the end of it. Hopefully we'll be able to shovel our way out tomorrow, Alex will go back to work...sometime, the munchkins will go back to school...oh holy cow, on Tuesday, and someday the sun, the glorious sun will come out and melt all this crap.

Because I just can't take much more of this.

And neither can the rest of sad, sad Team Stimey.


  1. We're sad out here too. I know it will all be over eventually but right now we are just going crazy! Much sunshine to you and yours!

  2. So I won't mention the next storm that's coming...

  3. you know for a brief moment, I kind of wish I was there to see all that snow. But then my brain comes back and I remember how much I despise the cold.

  4. The meteorologists here got it wrong; we were supposed to get 10 inches of super-heavy, wet snow. The storm stayed south (to you guys) and we got a dusting. The funny part is everyone's pissed for the misread.

    Dude. We. didn't. get. any. more. snow. Be freakin' happy!

    I'm going to point everyone to your blog as a be-careful-what-you-wish-for cautionary tale.

    Stay warm!

  5. Thank goodness for roofs over our head and power! We are 2 for two too! Sue is joking right? Please say so because as much as I love a snow day here or there have enjoyed being home, the 2-3 hour shoveling stints are getting a little old. Guess I got more than I asked for when I was dreaming of snow days way back in early December!

  6. It would be mean to laugh at the forlorn child on the swing, right?

  7. Three things:
    1. These babies are rearranging my skeleton and they have popped a rib out of place. It's amazingly painful yet in spite of that I can't stop looking at those pictures of Alex and laughing and laughing. They are the most fabulous thing ever. I will send you the bill for my pain medication.
    2. Does Alex know that somewhere in Minnesota there is a crazy lady who takes great joy in laughing at him run away from the dog? If so, he is a great sport to keep playing along. If not, you are a great sport to continue to document it for me.
    3. Your swing set looks exactly like my neighbor's swing set. I'm using this picture to prove that this killer snowstorm is no worse than what we in Minnesota deal with on a yearly basis. I guess we must have better snowplows here or something because we haven't had a single day of school canceled so far. Also, we are very hearty. Or hardy. Whatever is right. I'm to lazy to look it up.

  8. So this morning I woke up and looked outside at the 4 inches of snow that fell over night and was momentarily depressed and then I thought of you and got over it.

    After all, the snow was light and fluffy and didn't even stick to the roads or driveway or sidewalk, so no shoveling required. Also it is the first significant snow we have had in a few weeks and it is pretty much melted now - and it is supposed to snow here, we're a winter state.

    Not that I'm asking for it or anything . . .

    Stay warm!

  9. Love the pics!! And God, will the snow ever end???


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