Well, It’s Official.

We got our report in the mail today from the Kennedy Krieger developmental pediatrician that I took Jack to see in December. And it’s not like we weren’t expecting what she wrote, but it’s one thing to think it and quite another to see it in black and white:

“Jackson presented as a slender otherwise adorable youngster.”

I think this might be my favorite report I’ve ever gotten. And, in case you’re wondering, I concur.

Adorable. And slender, evidently.

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  1. Yes. Adorable indeed! Hope we have at least one sentence like that in our boys’ dev ped neuro psych reports in March :) The other stuff isn’t usually surprising, but the clinicalness of it all can feel cold and scary.

  2. i could have told you that! Especially when he draws me awesome pictures (which by the way is hanging on my wall in my new apartment). I want to get a frame to put it in, so if he wants to draw more (or Sam or Quinn) I’d love more artwork. I have a nook in my room and I’m thinking of decorating it with kid art :)

  3. So your son has an Adorable diagnosis? I had to look up my boy’s dev pediatrican’s report. He was prounounced Precious. Guess those are labels mothers can live with, huh?

  4. I know what you mean about seeing your child’s statistics bared in black and white like that. Its sobering and yet for me it was also a relief to have a starting point that was quantifiable.

  5. Heh. I could have told you that!

    One report we got on Joseph refered to him as a “handsome, well dressed young man”. So glad I rented him that tux. It made me wonder if anyone ever gets a report that says “this is a pretty plain looking kid”.

  6. I just found your blog. And your son IS adorable!! No degree needed to diagnose that. My son was also seen at KK and was called “an enjoyable little boy”, and “a sociable and engaging 5 year old” – hmmm, should I be offended he was not diagnosed as “adorable”? :-)

  7. I just got caught up on weeks of reading – so it wasn’t until today that I saw the post-Valentines Day revelation. I feel like that kind of thing happens to me in small ways almost daily. But that was a big one. Pretty shocking that it wasn’t something brought up by his teachers. And I really felt for you. I’ll have to read all of the comments now.

    And I agree that he’s adorable – but I’m not sure why slender would be an issue. Sizest.

  8. I love that. It reminds me of when Oscar was 4 or 6 months when we went to the pediatrician’s office, he stepped out for a moment and left Oscar’s chart. So I peeked at his notes, and he’d written, “CUTE!” I consider it an official diagnosis.

  9. Well, THAT makes it worth the trip and all the mayhem that ensued!!

    My SIL had a great experience with the KK doctors, too. I wonder if you saw the same person? I can’t remember who she saw, but it sounds like your dr is totally a keeper. :)

  10. Kris, I’m glad you’re here! An “enjoyable little boy” is an excellent compliment as well. I got no such assurances of enjoyment. Let’s just assume that both our children are both adorable and enjoyable.

  11. I’m sorry…what? I mean, he’s totally adorable and I’m glad someone took the time to say that, I think it’s really important to add some subjective descriptions of a child we evaluate. But I don’t get the “slender otherwise adorable” – slender isn’t part of his adorableness?? That is an oddity of a sentence.

    Hope the report was really useful for you and for his educational team. I mean, I hope it’s helpful otherwise useful.

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