Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Won't Get My Joke If You're Not Following the Saga of Asperger's Being Folded into the Autism Spectrum Disorder Umbrella in the New DSM. Sorry. *

I got some excellent comments on my last post about Jack being described in a developmental pediatrician report as "adorable." It's so nice to have a doctor take the time to drop a really wonderful compliment into a report, especially considering that these reports often mostly chronicle our children's struggles.

What I found in those comments is that several of you have had doctors write similar things in your children's reports and charts. It turns out that many of us have children with an Adorable diagnosis or a Precious diagnosis.

But (and forgive me if you are one of the people to whom I already made this joke to in a response to your comment) I have sad news for those of you with those diagnoses.

It turns out that the Adorable and Precious diagnoses won't make it into the new version of the DSM. Those conditions are now going to be folded into the larger category of "Cuteness Spectrum."

* Somewhat unbelievably, Blogger's title field isn't long enough for me to title this post what I really wanted to title it. I need a class in headline writing apparently.


  1. I got it! Too funny!

    (BTW, we have never, ever gotten 'adorable' or 'precious' but seem to garner a plethora of "busy," "engaging," "active" and "curly-headed.")

    Just letting you know about some possible expansions...

  2. Well you made me chuckle, thanks! I like the concept of a Cuteness Spectrum. My best friend whose son is also on the spectrum (Asperger's area) has a theory that all the kids on the Autism Spectrum are extra cute to make them easier to love because sometimes they drive you crazy, as some form of evolutionary survival mechanism, perhaps. I tend to agree...

  3. Cuteness Spectrum...will that make it into the next DSM? ;-) No matter what, nearly all the kids I know would be at the "high functioning" end of THAT spectrum, for sure!

  4. Hilarious! We've gotten the "sweet" and "smart" diagnoses, though I think the doctor in question should have spent a little time with my boys when they are all playing together before diagnosing "sweet." :-P

  5. Jack is on the "severe" end of the Cuteness Spectrum.

  6. Yes but! if the powers that be roll them all under the Cuteness banner then how will they get compliments specific to their individual diagnosis? Adorable and Precious are not the same thing, and once you throw in Pleasant and Delightful, well, you're just asking for trouble.

  7. Love it! All of your kids fall in range of the cuteness spectrum!

  8. Haaaa! Good joke.

    I live (mentally) in the Cuteness Spectrum. Cute plush sealife, cute food, and it goes on. . .

  9. Yes I can see that 'John F Smith born on the 4th March 2000 presents as adorable...' would be infinitely preferable.


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