Monday, March 15, 2010

Buffoonery. I Mean MORE Buffoonery. (And Something Serious)

Last Saturday I went to a blogging get-together called Momz Share, put together by the fabulous Jennifer and the amazing Dipaola Momma. It was wonderful and I got to chat with some amazing local bloggers. But that's really not why you come here—to read a list of links of the wonderful women writing out there. What you come here for (or at least part of the reason) is for some good, solid Stimey buffoonery.

And, hoo-boy, do I have some of that for you.

I often carpool with people to these events, which is a wise thing, as you soon shall see. On Saturday, I had to drive myself because I went there straight from the conference I attended last week.

I drive for thirty minutes to arrive on the street I could only assume was the correct one, based on the sheer number of cars parked along it. I check my email from the hostess for the address, collected my bag, my two tins of cookies, and headed down the street.

The house didn't look appropriately loud or lit up, but it had the address on the email above the front door. Now, some of you might have backed up, looked up and down the street for a house that looked like it was holding a party, but I think you know that I wouldn't do something so...what's the word...reasonable as that.

I stepped up and rang the doorbell.

Dogs started barking.

Kids started running around and looking out the window.

A little girl started yelling, "Mom! Get down here!"

What I should have done at that point was cut and run. I should have turned around, walked to the sidewalk and hidden behind a bush. But I froze. And I waited. I waited until a lovely woman answered the door.

In her bathrobe.

"I have a terrible feeling that I've made a huge mistake," I said.

Good times.

The nice lady pointed me to the right house, graciously accepted my blubbering apologies, and retreated into her house.

Nicely done, Stimey.

The correct house, the one directly across the street, was all lit up and noisy. I entered, found some friends, and tried to shake off the idiocy that had just occurred. Fortunately, I am always participating in some sort of idiocy.


Photo shamelessly stolen from the party's Flickr pool. Photo taken by Dumb Mom.
Thanks a lot for that photo, Dumb Mom.

In that photo, I am gesticulating wildly to WhyMommy, as I am wont to do. She was one of the people I was happiest to see at the party, especially in light of some dispiriting news she'd just received.

I told her that night that she is, bar none, the strongest person I know. And it's true. And no matter what happens, I know that she is going to fight and fight hard. I'm putting my Team WhyMommy badge back up here and in my sidebar to let her know that I plan on standing up with her in her fight and will do whatever she needs.

Feel free to grab this badge, but more importantly, stop by her site and give her some encouraging words. Let her know she's not alone. Let her know that you stand with her in her fight. Give her words of love that she can read if she feels alone.


  1. You're a good friend and I'd want you in my corner if I was in a similar situation. Thanks for posting the badge - I've added one to my blog too. Please give WhyMommy a big hug for me next time you see her, since I can't do it in person.

  2. Hey, at least you didn't just walk inside the house!
    I have added the Team WhyMommy button to my blog as well! What a great idea and way to show our support.

  3. I think the best part of WhyMommy's post was "Anyone saying'I'm sorry' will be shot." I'm sure she knows we're sad and scared and stuff for her, but that's because, even those of us who have never met her, love her. And its the latter that she needs to know. Anything else we can do to help, just give us the heads up!

  4. I had such a lovely time hanging out with you on Saturday night. I am glad you kept some of the, er, conversation topics offline, though! Can't wait until we get T-shirts for Camp Stimey!

  5. I'm adding the button too. Thanks for sharing her story.

  6. You were definitely missed in the carpool although I have to admit that we weren't sure we were going to the right house either! Next time we should rendezvous in the street just to make sure we all show up at the right place together.

    And do let me know of anything we can do for WhyMommy and her fabulous family. I'm all ears and ready to help!

    BTW- I want in on the Team Stimey Ts for this summer! Is registration open yet?

  7. Team Stimey is going to have T-shirts? We want some!

  8. I had switched to the "Moms with cancer" badge a while back. I hate the thought of putting the Team WhyMommy badge back up because of what it may mean. And you're right, she certainly is incredibly strong. Glad she has you nearby. Cause I know you will assist in the kicking of some ass if need be!

  9. Buffoonery and wild gesticulating...good to see Stimey hasn't changed much after all these years...

    If I recall correctly, the gesticulating tended to involve what I can only assume was a particularly favored gesticulation...but you have to really _speak_ to your audience, so it was clearly appropriate for most situations. Still is.

  10. Okay, a very similar thing happened to my husband and I, but there WAS a party at the house we walked into. The host took our coats and everything, but as we walked into the party room, I realized it was not the small group of friendly faces I was expecting it to see!

    "Uh, what's your address?" I sheepishly inquired. he told me and I had him walk us back to the coat closet and we made a hasty retreat and headed down the block to the correct house.


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