Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CSSBS&SSSS*: Day One & Two

* Camp Stimey Spring Break Sensory & Social Skills Special Session

School is out of session for spring break, which can only mean one thing: Camp Stimey is IN SESSION.

I have all kinds of plans to work on our social skills and social thinking this week, along with a bunch of fun sensory things to do.

Day One was a little bit of a disappointment. Or rather, Day One was a completely successful Day of Preparation and Tedium. We went to speech therapy (social skills!!!) and then we came home and played some video games (crazy sensory input!!!) and I took a nap (um, I got nothing).

But then we went to the grocery store (social skills put into practice!!!). Jack and Quinn happily and socially hung out in the little car cart at the store, while Sam whined the entire time about wanting to sit down.

Unfortunately there were five reasons he couldn't sit down:

1. He is far too huge to cram himself into that little car cart.

2. He is far too huge to sit in the little seat at the front of the cart.

3. We were, you know, at the grocery store.

4. Jack and Quinn are waaay more unpredictable than Sam is at the grocery store and there is no way I was about to release them into the aisles of the store while Sam sat in the car part of the cart. A little lot of whining was a small price to pay to not lose the little ones.

5. I wasn't about to give in to the WHIIIIIIIIINING!

Then Alex came home and we had a big fight (what not to do with social skills!!!).

Day One, fini.

Day Two was better. Here's a hint as to what Day Two consisted of:

What? You need more? Okay. Here's this:

Why, yes, we did go to a store dedicated solely to the sale of Peeps and Peeps-related merchandise.

Yes, Day Two was Peeps at National Harbor Day!

For the social skills part, we went with my friend E and her two kids. And, yes, our whole point in going to National Harbor was to go to the Peeps store. We sort of figured that the rest would work itself out. I gotta tell you, sometimes those we'll-just-figure-it-out-when-we-get-there trips are the best. Today? Case in point.

The Peep store was fun, except for when I bought a pound of bulk Mike and Ikes and then Sam dropped half of them on the floor immediately after I paid for them. Fortunately, the cashier was super nice and let Sam replace them free of charge. I imagine that must happen a lot there.

I think the best part of the day was the sculpture on the beach at the Harbor though. It is called The Awakening and it is made up of five separate pieces put together to look like a giant (or, if your kids have just seen Percy Jackson, Poseidon) rising up from the sand.

Watch out, Jack! He's coming for you!!!!!

Clearly, the best part, however, was climbing all over Poseidon's face.

I made sure to act the adult though. Per usual.

Yes, I did tell Quinn to pretend to pick the giant's nose.

My kids kind of hogged the giant's mouth. Maybe they'll grow up to be dentists.

But they weren't above visiting the less desirable parts of the giant as well.

No, Quinn, you don't high five with your ass.

It looks a little like the hand finally got Jack, doesn't it?

While Sam was slightly less into the sculpture, he brought on the sensory part by experiencing the wind. And, no, this photo I didn't stage.

You know it's coming..."KING OF THE WORLD!!"

But Peeps and sculpture cannot a whole day make. We stopped for lunch at a burger joint where both Jack and Quinn put the ketchup bottle from the table into their mouths. Bllleeeecccchhh! *shudder*

I took the offending bottle to the counter, but it got me thinking about how often stuff like that happens. To my ketchup bottle. That gets left on the table. For me to use. Oh, right. And I was bummed out about the germs my kids got from the bottle too.

Right next door to our lunch zone was the Launch Zone, which is a mini precursor to the National Children's Museum, which is slated to open in, like, 2013, juuuuust after my kids age out of children's museums. The Launch Zone is basically a one-room space for kids to whet their little science-y appetites.

Here's Sam doing science:

Or, you know, coloring a picture of an Easter bunny.

This next photo is a little closer, right? Here is Jack doing science.

Or, you know, stamping animal tracks on a piece of paper.

Oh, here we go! A magnifying glass. We have science!!

If a magnifying glass is involved, it's automatically science.

After this, we had to bodily wrestle Jack away from the sand on the beach, which is his particular favorite sensory thing.

Day Two? Fresh air, candy, and art for four hours FTW!

Coming tomorrow:
Supah Social Day! Now With Sleepover!


  1. I love the guy coming out of the sand! How cool!

  2. That first picture of Jack totally looks like that is HIS arm in a weird, Incredible Hulk goes black and white type moment.

    You know those moments, right?

    (When we went to the Peeps store, my kids were UNAWARE that you had to pay for all that serve yourself candy. They ate a LOT. Their slacker mother was checking out the cute Peeps babywear and totally not paying attention.)

  3. It's a whole store with just Peeps? All different shapes and colors? And it's there all the time, not just for Easter?

  4. PEEEEPS! Did they have any plush bunny peeps for sale? I bought mine a few years ago and can't find them anymore. Not that I *really* need more, but well, one can never have enough plush cuteness.

  5. You give your kids such amazing vacations, I'm tired just reading about it. We have a 2-week holiday starting this weekend, I am a total slacker compared to you. We might camp at the library (figuratively speaking, they'd kick us out if we tried for real), and catch a movie... if she gets bored, I'll send her your way. Social skills! Now with added foreign accents!

  6. I am pretty sure that is the first time in history that someone put their mouth on a ketchup bottle in a restaurant. Although, in high school my future husband put a chicken bone in one. Charming. He was a keeper.

  7. Also, you totally didn't do justice to that sculpture over the phone.

  8. You crack me up!

    My boys would have loved that sculpture!

  9. Wish our spring breaks lined up. :P

  10. Back up - Day One, The Nap: very important part the day, you know. I would say you could frame that as, "...and then I took a nap (independent rejuvenation hour!)."

    What an AWESOME mom you are for doing a CSSBS&SSSS week with your gang. Can't wait to hear about The Sleepover!

  11. What an awesome vacation for the little ones! Stimeyland sounds like the place to be over break! Have fun, and don't wear yourself out!!

  12. You're really amazing with all of your Camp Stimey adventures!!

    And we had The Awakening come to St. Louis, but I'm a lazy ass and never got around to seeing it. Boo.

  13. I got a sugar rush just looking at all those bunny peeps.

    Love the sculpture.

    Magnifying glasses are also good for Crime Scene Investigations!

    Fourth Breakfast

  14. OK, we're doing this same type of thing next week, but I think I have a better plan: since you have figured this all out and my children are virtually the same age as yours (except one is a girl), why don't I ship mine up there with you and you can replicate the week!

    I love how you are posting every day's events.

    I can't wait to read about the sleepover!

  15. THIS IS FABULOUS! You are zee blogging bomb!

  16. Camp Stimey rocks! Can I come? I promise to bring along Secondo and Primo, who are a little more age appropriate, but it's really Daddy who wants to come.

    Incidentally, don't forget to check out the annual Peeps competition on the Washington Post!


  17. I thought the best way to make your kids want to be dentists was to force them to make toys.

    Huh. Camp Stimey is educational for EVERYONE!

  18. Do you do registration for this camp? Because I totally would have signed Michael up.


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