Friday, March 19, 2010

The Frogpole

Look who's breathing air these days!

I'm going a little easier on this frogpole than the last one. I'm not going to clean his tank or otherwise upset his little ecosystem until I'm sure he's ready for it. I did put a cricket in his little home today. I don't want him to starve after all.

Here's the thing though. I am completely freaked out by Frogpole the Second because although he is breathing air, living on land, and jumping all over his tank when a giant human head comes near him with a camera, he still (shudder) has his tail.

Seriously. Does that look like a seriously fucked up animal to anyone else?

I think he is shamed as well. He has retreated into his cave and refuses to come out. It is as if he is shouting, "Don't look at me! I'm hideous!"

And I'm not gonna lie to him. He kinda is. But in a cute way.

Based on our frogpole history though, I'm a little afraid that he's going to drop dead in there. Croak, as it were.* I'm wondering how long he'll be dead in there before I think to take out his little corpse.

Wish the frogpole luck and good health, okay?

* Holy Christ, I am funny.


  1. Go, Frogpole! Good health and good luck! And eat you r cricket. Protein is good for you.

  2. That is a little freaky looking. I don't think I could scrapbook those pictures... and you know me... I can scrapbook pretty much any subject.

  3. Yeah, you are seriously funny!

    Um. What will you do with Frogpole once he is All-Frog?

  4. You are distinctly brave. No amphibians in my house, thank you. Well, unless they are plush.

  5. You know, he might keep that nasty little tail. Now that would be something.

  6. That does look like a long tail for a frogpole (like I'm some kind of expert?). Good luck, little guy! Be glad you don't live with us, my daughters would be trying to kiss you to see if you turn into anything else...

  7. Hah croak! Wishing the frogpole luck and good health with or without the tail and hoping you are feeling better!

  8. And he looks a little gelatinous for my taste.

  9. He is cute and creepy looking, in the same way a toddler in heels is cute...and creepy. Good luck with him!


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