Germy Food Made With Lots of Love

Yesterday was the annual “I Love You Lunch” for Quinn’s preschool class. Generally this lunch comes closer to Valentine’s Day, but what with Snowmageddon and all, it was postponed. This lunch is, in fact, the whole reason for the field trip to the grocery store. Theoretically the kids buy the ingredients for the lunch they make, although this year the teacher ran off to get the stuff while the kids went on the tour.

The I Love You Lunch is really fun. The kids make lasagna for us (hence “germy food”—I always wonder how many times it’s been sneezed on). They also perform some love-themed songs while 30 relatives watch, grin, and take photos.

All of the parents and grandparents were there in the room waiting for the kids, who filed in with their little heart headbands on, and trust me, a cuter sight you will not see. So they’re all standing there waiting for the teacher to lead them in their first song and there is a silence as all the kids survey the parents.

Then Quinn, because he evidently has no self esteem issues, pipes up with, “Everybody loves me.”

They then proceeded to sing, complete with some very sophisticated dance moves.

Of course, our gourmet lunch followed, complete with the spilling of the entire cup of apple juice onto mommy (Quinn) and the one taste of lasagna followed by an involuntary gag (Quinn) and the eating of one carrot slice and two cookies (Quinn) and the involuntary swelling of the heart (me).

I’m in love.

16 thoughts on “Germy Food Made With Lots of Love

  1. “Germy” food! HA! “Everybody loves me!” DOUBLE HA! I think, though, he’s quite right – how adorable is he?

  2. I was so sad to miss it, germy food and all! I am hoping that maybe you videotaped it? I understand that this time around, a child of mine actually participated without drama…though that was the grandma report, may be biased.

  3. When I was a teacher, many of us had a “no kid food” policy. Meaning if a kid had made it we would thank them profusely, then take it home to our husbands who would eat anything. I imagine I’ll have to change my kid-food attitude when it’s my own kid doing the making.

  4. Awww! Too cute! At least the lasagna had to bake in the oven for awhile hopefully killing the germs prior to being served. All bets are off though once the finished product is on the plate and in the presence of children! Glad you had such a great time!

  5. hmm, i love you lunch eh? maybe i should take some notes on how to interact with children. my 3 year old new neighbor, was just finally getting over shyness today and talking to me for the first time and I made this joke about cutting off his hand. which caused him to run to his mom. perhaps something love-themed or at least lasagna themed would have gone over more smoothly.

  6. yes, Quinn, we all DO love you!! Those photos are adorable!

    And now I’m realizing why I’m starting to feel sick…I ate some of that lasagna!

  7. So fun! I once went to one of these where the children made a gummy worm pudding to share with the parents. They mixed the pudding themselves and crumbled cake squares, topping it all off with gummy worms. At least the lasagne was put through some sort of autoclave situation…

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