Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Dare You to Not Be Overwhelmed by the Cute

Today I took Quinn to the Playseum, a fun new children's play space near me. There were many incredible and fun things to do there. Many. But when I was paying my admission fee and the lady told me that there were baby bunnies that the kids could pet, I knew that I would happily open my wallet and give her all of my cash if she asked. Because...bunnies. Baby bunnies.

For reals. It is possible for something soooo cute to actually exist?

This is Quinn trying to figure out how to smuggle the rabbit out of the Playseum.
No, wait. That was me.

Everything seems to be in order here.

Quite possibly my favorite photo in the history of time.

Quinn decided that these two bunnies really liked each other
and mashed their heads together to make them kiss.

After, like, forty minutes, the bunny wrangler put the rabbits away and we were forced to visit the other parts of the Playseum.

This next group of photos is cute too. Not Baby Bunny Cute, but still cute.

There was one room that looked like the kind of room I would imagine a grandma would hang out in. With the exception of the bunny room, Quinn liked it here best.

He's going to grow up to be an eccentric old man.

Next up was a trip to the grocery store. Why do they complain so much when you take them to an actual grocery store, but they will happily play for hours in a pretend store?

Especially one with honest-to-gosh freezer cases? Without, you know, the freezer part.

Do you think I'm the only one who wonders
how many kids get trapped inside the cases?

I made him wear an apron for a while to accurately play the part of a worker.

This photo would only be cuter if it were a baby bunny wearing the apron.

And you're never going to believe this, but they had a terra cotta warrior!

This photo is slightly less impressive than the one I lost from the museum.
Something about the scale is off.

So, yeah, all that was fun and all, but don't you really think we should go back to the room with the bunnies? Amid the seventeen hundred photos of Quinn with a tiny rabbit that I took, I also found a few of him interacting with the other animals that the Playseum had.

Like this dove.

Shortly after this photo was taken, the dove flew away.
Which was kind of dramatic.

Quinn also liked the hamster. Especially after the lady let him feed it pieces of apple. Then we got to feel his cheeks to check out where he'd stashed the food.

The hamster's cheeks, not Quinn's.

All in all, a pretty successful afternoon. See? Not every outing is chaos.

And did I mention the baby bunnies?


  1. How you got home without an emergency trip to the pet store to buy some bunnies is beyond me.

  2. ...because for heaven's sake look at those bunnies! Who couldn't love those bunnies?

  3. oh DO NOT buy a bunneh.

    While they are cute and everything and they don't make NOISE, when they are in heat the smell is enough to make you wanna set fire to your face.

  4. excuse me stimey, but i have to tell you i think the bunnies are kind of ugly and freaky looking. anyhow, in an apron or not, quinn is definitely cuter than the dang little fuzzy scruffy looking critters.

  5. Awww bunnies. Cute. Although they are evil here in Australia, dreadfully bad for the environment and all that.

    I'm rather partial to chocolate bunnies myself.

  6. I was all "oh, cute baby bunnies!" but then I read Marita's comment and now it's "mmmm chocolate bunnies...". The photos of Quinn with the bunnies are gorgeous.

  7. I love bunnies... but they make me stop breathing. I assume that's a bad thing.... *darn allergies*

  8. I'd have something witty and snarky to say except, well, I actually AM overwhelmed by the cute. NO LIE. :-D Also overwhelmed by how incredibly LEGGY Quinn seems to have become, almost overnight! Mayeb bc I'm seeing it with my own son lately, but it sure seems our little ones are growing so damn fast!

  9. Ok, seriously. The baby bunnies were uber cute, but your HE is freaking adorable! For sure.

    I wish we had something like that place near by. Not that Monkey would go, being as cool and "grown up" as he is...

  10. *excited squeal* BUNNIES!!!! BUNNIES!!!! That is definitely the best photo of ALL. TIME.

  11. Oh my...those are some adorable bunnies...I had a bunny when I was five...Where is this magical playseum?? Quinn is so very cute!!

  12. That was my first thought about the freezer cases, too! My dad made my kids a toy refrigerator (a whole kitchen, actually -- he's crafty and crazy), and convincing them it's not an awesome place to hide is, well, impossible.

    Your kid and the bunnies are cuter than cute.

  13. AWESOME! I want to go there, by myself and play with the bunnies. I gotta check that place out (ok, with the kids)

  14. You know what you've done, right? You've turned today's trip to our local children's museum into a failure before it has even started due to the fact that there will be NO BUNNIES.

  15. Bunnies = cute. Quinn = cute. Bunnies + Quinn = DIE OF THE CUTE.

    This is probably not the right time to tell you that my favorite thing to serve for Easter brunch is rabbit. Because I think it's funny.

  16. oh drat, I want to go w/ my wild boys to see the baby bunnies, too, but since it is officially MCPS spring break in oh...4 hours and everyone in the world under the age of 12 will be rushing in to see the cuteness, I think I will just have to pretend that I did not even see them. LA LA LA... I can't hear you either.

  17. Ohhh, that is so sweet. I love the bunnies and THE FROG!? Toad'ally adorable!
    Quinn looked like he had a great time! Good job Mommy!

  18. MUST get baby bunnies! Must get baby bunnies!

    I bet they would play happily for hours in a real store too, if we let them touch all the stuff.

  19. That is the cutest damn bunny ever. You should have stuck it in your purse and brought it home.


    Also: OMG HAMSTER.

  21. I'm totally going there on Monday. That grandma room is my fav!

  22. I have to visit this place now! How cool! And no, you aren't the only one to wonder how many kids get trapped in those freezer cases. I thought the same thing and then almost dropped my computer when I read your caption ;~)

  23. I have to ask, how to hamsters stack up against gerbils in your book?

    Also: Bunnies! Baybee bunnies (picture saying it like Homer Simpson, I know you can).

    There's a farm about 45 mins away that has baby chicks. Baybee chicks so cute you want to squish them.

  24. Where were all the other kids??? Looks like you and Quinn were the only ones there! Awesome!

  25. OMG, the bunnies are so cute! And so is your little boy! Looks like a fun day.

  26. As soon as I saw the pic with the freezers, I was thinking "Is it safe to have kids playing with those freezers? They could get trapped inside!"

  27. Your blog was a light note in a day of less good news. Now some observations (caution: long post):
    1. Yes, bunnies are extremely cute:
    2. When you add Quinn, then you have extreme cuteness.
    3. There is a reason why household bunnies need their own rescue. For example, some folks buy bunnies around Easter and then realize that they (the bunnies) are a lot of work. Also? The bunnies tend to chew on electrical cords. This isn't good for either bunny or family.
    4. @ your Australian friends (Kelley, Marita) ... have you seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence (which isn't about rabbits per se)? If so, what did you think about the story? I saw parallels to some history, here in the states.
    OK, done. I warned you of my typical wordy post.

  28. See, you guys are a "museum" family after all!

    That place is awesome!

    And I love Q mashing the bunnies together.

  29. Karen, if I showed that Daily Bunny site to Quinn, I think he would explode with joy.

    And excellent point on the no buying a bunny thing. Impulse shopping for pets is a really bad idea.

  30. Adorable! We are going to have to go there soon! What do you think about toddlers there (2ish). Fun for that age too?

  31. lovingmomme,I think two-year-olds would love it there. LOVE it!

  32. Since P wants a real bunny more than just about anything, guess we won't be going till after spring break..thanks for the heads up. But it looks like a great time! em

  33. The photo where Quinn looks thrilled with the bunny is beyond cute - and now I'm craving holding a baby bunny!

  34. oh my stars that cute little bunny makes we want a bunny again! we had a cute little guy named scooter i loved our bunbun as we nicknamed him!

    looks like a great fun day!

  35. Have you heard about that college where people send their baby bunnies after they tire of them. (Not sure how one could tire of a baby bunny but...) They seriously have like 400 bunnies running and procreating all over campus. And now they have a program where they spay and neuter the bunnies and give them up for adoption.

    Could be the perfect college for Q.

    Or another great field trip opportunity!

  36. Squeee! Bunnies, and a bonus hamster. I love your blog. That shot of Quinn with the bunny was the best

    Fourth Breakfast

  37. Darn! We were there last week and they had to put the bunnies away! I wish we were there at the same time!
    We LOVE the grocery store too!


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