IEP A-OK! Everything Else? Crapitude.

Jack’s IEP meeting was today. There’s really not much to say about it, other than Jack has the most amazing team of people working with him. They work so hard to work with us. It is incredible. We are very lucky.

We are especially lucky that they are tolerant of my arriving with stacks of paper about Jack, including a bar graph of his success (and non-success) with his goals from last year. It’s fortunate that Jack’s team actually wants to help him, otherwise I think I would come off as incredibly overbearing.

After last year, when I wrote many, many, many (many, many, many) posts about IEP meetings, it feels really lovely to be able to stuff all of the information from this year’s IEP into two paragraphs.

The rest of my day was not super awesome. I have a cold and my face feels kind of like someone is poking it with toothpicks from the inside. It was also a lovely, warm day today and I spent it encased in a sweater and a winter coat because of the chills. Good times.

I did, however, remember to attend Quinn’s solar system display at school, something I forgot about until nine minutes before it was supposed to start.

Quinn was Mercury.

Quinn went to a friend’s house (thanks, Melissa!) while I was at the IEP meeting, but Sam and Jack spent the tail end of the meeting, which lasted past school dismissal, in the main office playing Nintendo DS.

Mid-day video games are almost never a good idea for my family. Timing is crucial for us and electronics. Turning games off is rough. That manifested itself today with Sam freaking out, whipping a bead necklace about in the back of the car, hitting Jack in the face, resulting in his extremely sad sobbing, which Sam responded to by putting his backpack over his head.

I just woke up from a two-and-a-half-hour nap and now I’m going to bed. Tomorrow I’m wearing sweatpants and I may not leave the house at all.

22 thoughts on “IEP A-OK! Everything Else? Crapitude.

  1. Congrats on Jack’s smooth, wonderful IEP. You’ll be an inspiration to me!

    Toothpicks in your face? Not to be TOO alarmist, but if it doesn’t get better soon, check to make sure it’s not shingles…(em)

  2. That backpack on the head thing? I might try that because sometimes The Boy is like, loud. Good thinking little-Stimey.

  3. Please tell Sam that I often want to put a backpack on my head. Oh yes, the timing of videogames is tricky. We loved having Quinn-please send him again soon!

  4. I’m really sorry that your crappiest days make me laugh so hard. I guess it’s cause I know I’m not alone in the insanity. :) I hope today is better!

  5. Your kids are so cute, they always make me laugh. The backpack on the head is killing me. LOL

    Hope you get feeling better!

  6. I was just thinking recently that you post about Quinn so much because big kids aren’t as funny as little kids. Sam totally proved me wrong.

    Take a hot shower and an OTC COLD REMEDY. Oh and plenty of fluids that aren’t diet coke. Duh.

  7. Wearing my sweatrs and not leaving the house today in a show of solidarity with you, sistah! ;-) (Well, the sweats and not leaving the house part are true.)

    Glad the IEP was great; sorry the rest was crapitude. :-(

  8. Sorry to hear about the cold. Hope you feel better soon. Thankfully the weather if prefect for sending the kids out to play. Love the use of the backpack.

  9. Yea for IEP! Boo for cold! Eat some chicken soup! Feel better! Ohh, I think I like exclamation points almost as much as you!!!!!

  10. Sounds about right…If I leave a disk in the Wii over night woe be to me because E will wake up at like 5 am to play the thing. Any sort of video-related contraption during the day is full-on day-ruination!

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