Much earlier this afternoon, Sam said, “My frog has been in the same place for hours.”

I think you know enough about me by now to know what’s coming.

Later, after Sam had wandered off, I shook the tank a little to make sure that Corpsey McCroakerton wasn’t faking.

He wasn’t.

We’re waiting until the children are asleep to dispose of this guy. I think the trauma of losing a second frog might be too much for them. Earlier today, when the frog (who, in his defense, had absorbed most of that tail by this morning) seemed to be struggling, we made sure that there was a smidge of air space between the top of the water and the bottom of the platform. Alex and I felt very confident about our ability to adapt to ensure the frogpole’s survival.

“Sometimes it’s an advantage to evolve second,” Alex said.


I think I’ll amend that to, “Sometimes it’s an advantage to not be the unlucky son of a tadpole that gets sent to Stimeyland.”

Godspeed, little froggie. You will be missed.

21 thoughts on “Oh, COME ON.

  1. This is why I cannot have pets. I just can’t do it. When I married Mike I inherited a Labradoodle and I swear I will never ever get another pet because everytime they die it kills me. Even a tiny creature as small as a water frog will bring me to tears when it dies.
    I’m so sorry your froggie has gone on to the lovely lily pad in the sky.
    I wish he could have stayed and brought more joy to your family.

  2. Oh no. Are you going to chance it a third time? Third times the charm, you know. Except when bad things happen in threes…

  3. Do you feel bad about making fun of him yesterday? He probably died feeling rejected and humiliated. Sleep well Stimey, sleep well. And don’t worry, I don’t think frogs can come back as ghosts and haunt you.

  4. “Shook the tank”? “Shook the tank”!! Oh that’s the best visual I’ve had all day, oh lord I’m laughing… sorry that’s probably in poor taste, but “shook the tank”!! That’s priceless!

  5. I’m so sorry. Keeping (attempting to keep) frogs is not good for the ego, I think. On the bright side, now you won’t have to worry about how loud they might get when they learn to ribbit (see how I didn’t say croak? – oops, think I just ruined it).

  6. I am so sorry about Frog part deux. And I have to ask, because I am just curious…. you said a “smidge” of air, right? Frogs breathe through their skin I think (actually they get oxygen from the moisture on their skin, but you get the idea) so it’s very easy for them to suffocate if they are too wet. That smidge of air, how big are we talkin’?

    (by the way, this comment is from Dawn… the poor woman that works at GKV that can’t remember any of her passwords to post this)

  7. I think your luck with frogs is the equivalent of our luck with fish. LOL Sorry to hear another bit the dust.

  8. Also, are you sure you are fit to be in charge of living creatures? At all? You might want to look into life-sustaining classes, or a licence of some sort.

  9. Is it wrong that this is kind of funny?

    Here’s my advice for children who insist that they want pets (it’s worked at our house) and yet Mommy doesn’t really: Have a new baby! You and I both seem to be OK at having actual humans remain relatively safe (at least breathing). Babies are cuter and smarter than animals and don’t require you to find them insects for food. (My 2nd one could find her own insects.)

    Either that or become allergic to ALL animals…

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