Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quinn the Muse

A while back I reviewed a kids' magazine called Tessy and Tab. The newest issue came in the mail today. It was about drawing with sidewalk chalk. And I noticed a little something on Tab.

See any similarities between Tab the kangaroo and Quinn?

That's right. The amazing people at Tessy and Tab gave one of their characters a soccer shirt in honor of Quinn. How cool are they? They had told me they were going to do it, but I didn't tell Quinn.

He was extremely pleased.

This is especially significant if you know the whole back story of Quinn and his two-year refusal to wear anything but a yellow shirt, preferably one that featured a soccer ball.

Disclosure: The Tessy and Tab people gave me a free subscription.


  1. That is the coolest honor ever! Love it! :)

  2. Perfect! See? Everybody DOES love Quinn!

  3. Now THAT is the big time!


  4. First, very cool!
    Second, this reminded me of a (print) magazine for children of my (ahem) generation. Highlights!
    And, on reading your post here, I decided to google them.
    Here's what you get - including an interactive decision-making exercise with yes, Goofus and Galliant.
    Hint: Goofus may occasionally make bad decisions, and Gallant may often make good decisions.
    Or, back in the day, Goofus was rude, and Gallant was polite, friendly, and a cub scout.

  5. Stimey and visitors,
    I did, yes, just spend 10 minutes clicking thru the Highlights site.
    I recognize much of the content from my own childhood. I wonder whether anyone else is familiar with Highlights, ... and do you find it rather odd to see 1960's graphics on the Web?
    Just asking :)

  6. Karen, I grew up on Highlights. I LOVED it. Goofus and Gallant were a very important part of my childhood. I occasionally see the magazine in waiting rooms and read it to my kids. They think it's fun too.

  7. I was already thinking of getting Lucas a subscription based on your review. Well, this TOTALLY sealed the deal! I'm not even going to wait for his birthday!

  8. I pointed out Tab's shirt to my kids, and they were unimpressed. I think they don't realize how close to being a celebrity that this makes Quinn.


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