SITS Down, I Have a Lot of Links Here.

**You may not be interested in this post if you are not a blogger not a local blogger not a local blogger who went to the SITS conference not me. You are excused. Come back tomorrow. I will probably be blogging about cake. Or haircuts. Or my ottoman. Or something equally delightful.**

I went to a little blogging conference in Baltimore yesterday. It was put on by the SITS girls and was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to catch a ride with Teach Mama, who is so nice and smart and fun and whose blog is must-read material for anyone with young kids. It was great to be able to chat with her all the way up and back on I-95. New DC Metro Moms blogger Minky Moo also rode with us. She’s very cool too, and it was nice to get to know her.

I wanted to go to this conference because I figured it would be a good way to meet some local-ish bloggers, and I was right. I met some wonderful women there, including some whose blogs I read and really wanted to meet, like Sunday and Jennifer. Plus there is always the benefit of meeting new people who I didn’t know before, many of whom are already in my tweetstream. (Mel stands out because she is just so goddamn adorable. Really.)

I had some nice conversations with Mindy, Mommy Kennedy, Tara, Madeleine, Kiran, Shelley, Catherine, Kirsten (who has great hair), Parenting BY Dummies, Scrappin Michele, Kristen, and a bunch more. Sorry if I didn’t link to you. I got tired. It was a long day. I did really enjoy meeting each of you.

The thing I think the SITS girls do best is make their conferences low pressure and easy. Everyone had assigned tables for each of the panels and for lunch, so there is no standing around not knowing who to talk to, plus you get to meet a few new people every time you switch a table. It really helps attendees who don’t know anyone, plus it gets people who do know people out of their comfort zone to meet new folks.

I liked every one of the speakers, although the focus was a little bit more on branding and PR than I do on my blogs. Nonetheless, even if it’s not something I do, it was fascinating to hear Resourceful Mommy and Tiffany talk about what they do with PR people. I’m putting that information in my file-this-away-until-I-have-more-than-four-consecutive-minutes-to-do-anything brainspace.

Scary Mommy is beautiful and not at all scary, as was her co-speaker Mama Kat (who was a little scary when she threw FTC magnets at my table, but I forgive her because she seems to be terribly funny). Justice Fergie, one of the MamaLaw/Blogalicious ladies, spoke about the FTC regulations that affect bloggers, which was one of the most informative sessions of the day. She is in a position to really, really know what’s up, so it was fantastic to hear the real deal straight from the horse’s Justice’s mouth.

The person who gave me the most information applicable to my blog, was Tara from Feels Like Home, who spoke about SEO (search engine optimization). I tend to ignore a lot of that, but it’s nice to have some scribbled notes to remind me of what I should be doing. Although I think I am already probably the highest ranking search result for “autistic gerbils” out there. And if I wasn’t before, I am now. And if any of my three boys ever wants a homemade tutu, now I know where to go: straight to Tara’s blog, where her tutu tutorial has evidently gotten 28,000 hits. Shazam!

In related news, I was finally around a group of people who understood (and even coveted) my twitter nameplate necklace:

This is an old photo. And HELLO, Stimey’s eyebrows. Damn.

It was a good day, altogether. Many thanks to Alex, who not only took care of the three munchkins all day, but also cleaned the entire house. He’s a rock star. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow. You know you want to hear about my ottoman. (You think I’m kidding, right? Prepare to be disappointed.)

19 thoughts on “SITS Down, I Have a Lot of Links Here.

  1. Sigh. I so wish I could have gone to that… I really thought I would – but too many life “things” got in the way. BUT I do my ticket to BlogHer this year – so I can just be totally overwhelmed there.

  2. You’ll be glad to know that in a google search for “autistic gerbils,” the first three links are all yours AND it asks if I would like to see more links from Stimeyland.

  3. I really enjoyed meeting you! It’s so nice to meet the person behind the blog :)

    You were just so sweet and down-to-earth! Your blog is now in my favorites!

    Have a great Sunday…the weather is so nice today!

  4. Sounds like a great conference. I think they are going to have one in Philadelphia soon, so I will definitely have to check it out.

    I’m glad you got to meet Mel. She is one of my roommates for BlogHer (along with girlymama and my two-month-old)! There is so much talk of BlogHer that it’s very hard to believe that it is still five months away.

  5. Love that you rocked the Twitter necklace and had such a blast! So sorry to have missed out on it but glad you are so high ranking for autistic gerbils. Not everyone can claim such awesomeness! :)

  6. I was busy driving the boys all over the countryside to nowhere.

    And holy cow, you really are the top of Google for “autistic gerbils”!

  7. Dang! I somehow missed that a local blog event was going on. I won’t be traveling much this year or next, but I do want to participate in local stuff! Good to hear it went well!

  8. My big confession: so happy that you were so approachable! Cause, STIMEY is like, a legend. And it is nice to know that she is pure awesome and approachable. It is not every day that this girl gets to meet the top google “postress” for autistic gerbils. You reign supreme in my book!

  9. It was so nice to meet you- and think of it this way- when Mercedes call asking you to review their newest sedan, you’ll know exactly what to do…:)

    Now off to find more on those gerbils…..

  10. Great recap! I wish I had gotten to meet you and see that fabulous necklace in person :)
    There were SO many fabulous women at that conference (and one FREAKY man!) Glad you had such a great time and came away from it with knowledge to store away (me too!)

    Autistic gerbils? interesting…

  11. What?! I have amazing hair?! Oh, that was the chick before me. Oh well, mine is awesome too in a a-like-it-on-you-but-would-hate-it-on-myself sorta way. Fun meeting you too, can’t wait till Saturday!

  12. I think we should go back to Pier 5 next weekend so that I can meet everyone I didn’t have the chance to meet and soak up more wonderful bloggy love! it was such a fun day!

  13. Holy moly this is one of the best re-cap posts. Thanks for giving me a shout-out, but know that it was my pleasure to hang with you to and from SITS. Seriously– quiet, uninterrupted conversation with girlfriends is a complete and utter treat–especially when the girlfriends are crazy cool and are sportin’ ONLY the hottest necklaces in town.

    See you this weekend, too–FUN!

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