Yay! It’s Spring

The snow has melted, the clouds have cleared, and 60-degree weather has arrived in my neck of the woods. At least for today. I’m not busting out the shorts yet, but I’m hopeful that spring is actually coming.

Quinn is too. He saw three signs of good weather today and it tossed him right over the edge.

1. We sighted a ladybug. That poor thing clung to the front of my car windshield all the way to my house from 7-11. I can only imagine its terror.

Quinn is on the inside of the car. I’m on the outside.

2. We saw new flower growth.

Quinn wanted to pick it immediately.

3. We saw leaf buds on the trees. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

Corollary: This led to my seeing a sure-fire sign of spring: Quinn jumping up and down shouting, “Yay! It’s spring! Yay! It’s spring! Yay, it’s spring!”

It amused me because of the other definition of the word “spring.”
Boing! Boing! Boing!

Supporting observation: I also have a cold, which I will refer to as a “spring cold.” Hence, it is spring.

Stupid spring, making me sick. Snowmaggedon didn’t make me sick.

12 thoughts on “Yay! It’s Spring

  1. Today Elle told me “I’m glad it’s Spring so that now I can play outside with my boyfriend again.” I have no idea who she’s talking about. I’m locking her up until winter comes back.

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