Monday, March 1, 2010

Yep. She's Babbling About Field Trips Again.

There was a year when Sam and Jack were both in preschool and Quinn was but a tiny child that was pretty tough on me. Co-oping in two preschool classes, plus doing the required backup shifts for kids that used the preschool nursery were a killer.

Not to mention that between Sam and Jack's classes, it felt like there was a field trip to go on every three weeks. Field trips at the time were the bane of my existence. It's tough to go on a field trip with three kids five and under. One of the lowest points of my entire life was on one of those field trips.

Once I just had to drag Jack and a slightly older Quinn on field trips, they were better. Now that I just have Quinn to take on field trips, I cannot tell you how much better my life is. That said, there are still some field trips I'd rather skip. For instance, the yearly trip to the grocery store. I can do that on my own thank you. Only with three kids instead of fifteen.

Today was that field trip. And to make it even better, Quinn and I had to actually go to the grocery store after school. Before I even left the house this morning, I had this whole snarky post planned in my head that I was going to illustrate with side by side photos comparing field trip grocery store journey and regular grocery store journey because I assumed that those two trips were going to be Exactly. The. Same.

Well. You know what happens when you (make an)ASS(outof)U(and)ME.

I hadn't counted on the fact that the field trip was to THE GREATEST GROCERY STORE IN THE HISTORY OF GROCERY STORES—as long as you're not actually purchasing their overpriced food (a.k.a. Harris Teeter).

It started out a lot like any trip to the grocery store with Team Stimey, meaning there was a fake shootout in the frozen pizza section.

But then the trip started to pick up with trips past the juice shelves, egg endcap, milk cases, and the turkey bin. In this next photo, Quinn is eagerly touching a turkey just because the tour guide told him to. I don't think I could get away with that. Normally Quinn would be all, "Why would I touch a turkey? I hate everything! I want a cookie! WAHHHHH!!!" But not for the Harris Teeter lady.

Please notice that I'm not the only idiot parent there with a camera.
See? I have proof.

The highpoint though? Touching the lobster. (Although Quinn refused.) Do you feel as sad for this lobster as I do? Not only is it his fate to be boiled alive and eaten, but he (she?) had to go through the indignity of being kid-handled by a bunch of raucous preschoolers.

"Take me to your leader!"

Then we took the glass-doored elevator to the second floor.

What? Your grocery store doesn't have an elevator?

And on that second floor? That's where they make the pizza to send back to the preschool.

Quinn has literally never been this happy in a grocery store.

Oh, wait. Upstairs is also where they frost the giant chocolate chip cookie to send back to the preschool.

Also please notice that that grocery store deli table in the
background has a vase with flowers on it.
Flowers. In a vase. At a grocery store.

And then? More gun play.

From there, it was off to the produce section, where Quinn saw his very first Brussels sprouts ever. I am a good mom.

In my defense, he wasn't the only kid there who was new to that particular vegetable.

Oh, but that's not all. Then they passed out the goody bags. Goody bags! From a grocery store! With cookies inside! The helium balloons weren't in the bags, but they gave us enough for every kid to have one.

Then all the kids got to pick out an apple.

Quinn picked a bruised one. It annoyed me, but I had to let him do it.

Well. I'm not going to say it was the best field trip ever, but it was pretty good.

Sadly, much as Quinn and I tried to recreate the experience at the Safeway after school, we were let down. Woo hoo! The Hispanic foods aisle! (Also? Is taco sauce interchangeable with enchilada sauce? 'Cause I need enchilada sauce, but they only had taco sauce. I bet Harris Teeter has enchilada sauce.)

Quinn shares my excitement with Safeway.

Never say Quinn and I don't know how to make our own fun though. Look! I let Quinn doodle on a Safeway advertising circular!

With his Harris Teeter pencil from his goody bag.

There is one thing we got to do at Safeway that we didn't get to experience at Harris Teeter. We got to wait in line.

Don't ever tell me that we don't know how to live the high life.


  1. (Oh goody I'm first.)

    Okay. Just wanted to say not to feel bad the kids are pawing the lobster because really, once you're out of the water and they've rubber banded your claws things are pretty much going to suck from here on out anyway.

    ps. We also have a Harris Teeter with an elevator in my town. It is a very lonely place, what with their high beer prices and lousy candy selection.

  2. I have no doubt that you were the only parent documenting this field trip but I am so glad you did! The look on Quinn's face when being shown the Brussels sprouts is priceless! And can I just say that my field trips never had a glass doored elevator, pizza making, giant cookies, and swag! Sigh. My grocery store isn't like there either. Your post is almost enough to make me become a convert. Almost.

  3. Oh yeah? Well, MY grocery store has an electric TRAIN! So, WOOT! Wegman's beats Harris Teeter! Or they would, if they gave out swag. We just get two free grocery items every week. This week was soda and facial tissues. Woot.

  4. that's quite a store! glad you survived-- and even thrived.

  5. I love your captions as much as your story telling! My kids don't know brussel sprouts either - I hate them and so don't have them cross the threshold. (much like vampires...)
    We have NOTHING like this grocery store in Australia. I am very jealous, but we can't afford the bus fare (to misquote Jerry in 'Sliding Doors'!

  6. Hey, where is there a Harris Teeter? I wanna go on a field trip!
    It sounds like they are a lot like Wegmans. Grossly overpriced, very fancy schmancy and they do a credit check at the door (hence the reason I am not good enough to shop there).

    I think its cute that Quinn picked out the bruised apple...its like he knows its the least wanted one and so he took pity on it. Awwww!

  7. Harris Teeter's evil marketing outreach via your preschool has succeeded, because I think I'll make a stop there today. I'm totally going to ask to pet the lobster (and hope the fishmonger doesn't take that the wrong way).

  8. Hey...I recognized that trigger finger! These pictures are great! Quinn has the best expressions! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I miss Harris Teeter. There's nothing like them here on the west coast. :-(

  10. I can pretty much guarantee that my neighborhood (accent on HOOD) is never going to get a Harris Teeter. But I just might have to take a field trip to yours!

    Word verification = apless which is almost apples

  11. Is this where I thank God that our preschool doesn't go on a field trip to the grocery store? Is the purpose to teach them nutrition? Consumerism? I'm confused.

    Don't knock your Safeway. Stop and Shop doesn't have a cup holder in the basket section.

  12. Wow--we have a Harris Teeter close by but I was sort of afraid to much is unknown! Now I think we'll run on down today...well maybe tomorrow...since S has come down with the lovely "hand-foot-mouth" disease!

  13. I am so glad that it worked out because you were forced into going by the sickly. And we thank you so much because without you the kids would have never seen a grocery store? I mean touch a lobster. Please send ideas for field trips. Help is so needed!

  14. I so loved this trip, too! It was awesome!!! And it was fun hangin with you.
    (signed, one of the other idiot parents with a camera :) )

  15. If you were impressed with Harris Teeters, you would drop dead on the spot if you went to a Stew Leonards. They host birthday parties. People call it the Disney of Dairy. I kid you not.

    And before you complain too much about Safeway, I took Eli to Aldi's last week. Yikes.

  16. Two words to say about awful field trips: middle school. Best one - Ghost Tour at night in Williamsburg, VA (5th grade)

    word verification: bogied

  17. Funny post! I'm glad I'm not the only one who "sometimes" does not like field trips, esp ones to the grocery store! When we get back from field trips, I always have to take a nap. Especially after the long ones out of town where someone always throws up on the bus.

  18. Don't tell me HT is overpriced. I'm in denial.

    Our HT also has an elevator, security guards, and a parking garage. No more loading groceries into your car in the rain. I love the Teeter.

  19. Too bad you couldn't have just done your grocery shopping WHILE you were on the field trip! That would have been too convenient, wouldn't it!


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