I took Quinn back to the Playseum today to see the bunnies. You might remember the cute from the last time we went there.

Only one of the baby bunnies was still there. The others had all been adopted. Yet the cute was still in full force.

This bunny doesn’t have a name. Quinn called him “Bun.” He’s been talking about Bun all day.

That’s all I have. No Dipshit Friday this week, because I was a very chill and excellent mom today. Enjoy your weekend!

20 thoughts on “Bun

  1. Why haven’t you adopted the bunny yet? Are you afraid it might die in Stimey’s house of horrors?

    I LOVE the pics of Quinn. He looks sooooo happy!!

  2. Seriously? You haven’t made him an honorary member of Camp Stimey yet? I thought for sure you were going to say you adopted him.

    Come on….you know you wanna!

  3. I’m pretty sure there’s a law written somewhere that says if you visit bunny more than once you have to take it home….

  4. I will be thoroughly disappointed if you don’t adopt the bunny. And yes, I have read all of your “leaving dog outside”, “bleeding dog toenail” “killing tadpole” etc. posts… but the gerbils don’t die and a rabbit is kinda like a gerbil. Sorta. That means it will live. And it will make up for never signing Quinn up for anything! ;)

  5. Poor Bun, how could you abandon him? Anyone can see he’s of stellar intelligence and would litter train in a heartbeat.

    I can just see him chilling about the Lego table and nibbling ever-so gently at the ottoman.

  6. We have friends who have an Engish Spaniel and a rabbit who is free to hop around the house and uses his cage as a litter box. I’m just saying that it can be done . . .

  7. I daresay that’s not even a disapproving bunny, but rather a bunny happy to have Quinn’s attention. I’m with jodifur, you should start looking into bunny adoption stat :)

  8. Don’t do it, Stimey! Don’t cave to the cuteness! However, I call dibs on bun-sitting.

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