Museum of Modern Sam, Part Deux

Sam is only eight years old and he has just had his second art showing. Back when he was in kindergarten, one of his (yes, I’m going to call them) pieces was chosen to be put on display in a county-wide display of students’ art at a local mall.

This year, another of his pieces was chosen. This one:

It’s pretty, huh?

Sam also wrote a little something to go along with it. He wrote: “I created a seascape. The mood of my seascape is calm and breezy. I showed this by making the waves wiggly. I used several techniques in my painting. (Masking; crayon resist; wet on wet and salting.) I showed depth in my painting by overlapping my boats. The smallest boat in the background does not have any details.”

I’m so proud I could just about bust. I’m also a little jealous. I don’t think any of my art even made it up onto a refrigerator.

From the looks of it, Sam is pretty proud too.

28 thoughts on “Museum of Modern Sam, Part Deux

  1. Awesome! Alex has won 2 art contests recently – the first was a design a patch program for GS and the second was 1st place in her grade (for several schools!) for an anti-drug poster contest – we get to go to a banquet and she gets a $150 savings bond with that (not keen on the topic for 8 year olds, but hey). I’m lucky if I can draw a person.

  2. Oops, sorry! As I was saying, it is nice to meet you and your very cool family. That artwork is fantastic! You SHOULD be so proud.

  3. Impressive! Love the use of color and texture. I’d say Sam has a good eye for art. We can all say we knew him when… :-)

  4. Oh, that is just awesome, the piece, the honor, the description, OMG.

    I always think about getting a big canvas and paint, or a bunch of crap from outside and some glue, and we could have fun as have something totally cool and original to put up on our walls. And then I remember my kids pretty much hate arts and crafts and coloring.

  5. It’s lovely. I like the use of the bright planes of color over the shimmering, capturing the sense of breeze and sun. The bold brush at the edges also gives it a dynamic feel. He’s quite the artist.

  6. That’s impressive art. He’ll be able to have a one man show pretty soon.

    We’re just glad that Q-ster draws something other than the Death Star these days.

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