Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shannon Des Roches Rosa Interviewed Me at!

Recently, the fabulous Shannon Des Roches Rosa of Squidalicious interviewed me for her column. The posts she puts up there are incredible and thought provoking. It's an honor to have her interview me.

Head on over there to read what I told her about being an autism mom and what I hope to do at this summer's autism panel at BlogHer '10.

And because that interview is a lot about the loveliness and quirk of Jack, I thought I'd illustrate this go-read-elsewhere post with that clay sculpture to the left that Jack brought home from school today.

Confused, I asked Jack to tell me about it. "It's me and Izzy," he said. See, Izzy is our cat, and that flat thing with the wiggly eyes on top is Jack. So cute. And it's even more awesome in person. He made clay whiskers. That's hard to do. I assume.

Also cute was that after he heard Jack tell me it was him and Izzy, Quinn cooed, "Awwww, can I hug it?"


  1. Love that sculpture! Great interview--love learning more about the people behind the blog!

  2. Okay you've had all these brushes ... doe THIS mean you're famous??

  3. What a great sculpture! I love how affectionate and loving Jack is.

  4. How sweet! The more I read about Jack, the more he remiinds me of mine.


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