They’re Alllliiiiiivvvvvveeeee!!!!

I still have my Ladybug Corpse Hut on my desk because I’m lazy that way. I was trying to decide how I was going to get all the dead ladybugs through the tiny hole in the top. Originally I had considered flooding it, shaking it vigorously and then emptying it out. What I finally settled on was prying the ladybug husks of the side with the water dropper, turning it upside down, and then shaking it until everything came out.

Thank goodness I’m lazy though, because look what I spied out of the corner of my eye this afternoon:

Huh. That yellow guy is new.

Shortly after I noticed that guy, and while I was frantically soaking a raisin in order to feed him, I saw this guy:

That one looks like a real ladybug!

Guess what? There were FIVE ladybugs alive and waltzing around in there. Well, they weren’t waltzing until I reinvigorated them with water and soggy raisins, but before I knew it, they were charging all over the habitat. As I type, three of them are dining on delicious raisins.

The lesson here? Don’t count your ladybug corpses before they mature.

Or something.

Also? I’ve raised Zombie Ladybugs.

Disclosure: This habitat was sent to me free for review purposes by Insect Lore. However, the new set of larvae that I ordered after I thought I committed ladybugicide, I paid for myself.

18 thoughts on “They’re Alllliiiiiivvvvvveeeee!!!!

  1. They were crawling out saying, “raisin…must. get. raisin…” So next time something seems dead to you, just starve it, if it’s alive it will start moving eventually in search of food.

  2. I presume you named them all Lazarus. That’s what I did in a similar situation when a pet bird appeared dead and then came miraculously back to life. She did this more than once over the course of her life at my home.

  3. So do you need a new cage for the new ladybugs? Or can you put them all in one? And do zombie ladybugs eat regular ladybugs?

  4. What a great story! Did the ladybug supplier tell you when it’s safe to release them to the wild (to the neighborhood)?
    No offense; I think sooner may be better than later, now that the weather has warmed up.
    And the ladybugs can help keep garden pests in check. :)
    Do be advised: Ladybugs tend to swarm on light-colored buildings.

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