Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Happy" Mother's Day

It has not been a stellar day here at Casa Stimey. I mean, it started out nice and all, what with the delivery of bacon and blueberry pancakes to my bedroom. And then I got hugs and cards and stuff from my lovely family.

But then Alex asked if something was wrong with my computer, because it wouldn't start up for him this morning. Interestingly, it didn't start up for me either, even though my fingers were crossed. I am kind of devastated. I'm taking it in to the Geniuses tomorrow to see if they can help, and please cross your fingers for me, because I need that computer. Yes, I have another laptop and I know it's greedy of me to "need" both of them, but I do, I really do.

Here's the thing too. I literally just backed the entire damn thing up on an external hard drive, like, four days ago, which is beyond awesome. Good timing right? But all I can think about are the photos I took of Quinn at the Reston Zoo on Friday that could be lost and I think about all the working ahead for my job that I did all day yesterday that could be gone.

Plus I have the ague. I've been sitting around all day with chills and a sore throat. Which is only serving to make me mopier. Because of all this and the fact that it's cold out and Jack and Quinn are wussy like me (well, Quinn is), we're at home while Sam and Alex are at Sam's first baseball practice ever. I didn't even bother to ask Alex to take a camera because, have you met Alex? Well, probably not, but suffice it to say, the man doesn't take photos.

The day was marginally saved by the love my kiddos gave me, and the arrival of the third in the school-produced series of artwork from each of my children. This one was from Sam, and oh dear lord, it turns out he really has been paying attention.


"1. I love you because you help me with my homework."

"2. I also love you because you clean our room."

"3. I also love you because you help me exersize."

"4. I also love you because you buy me a lot of toys."

"5. I also love you because you answer all my Questions."

"6. I also love you because you let me have playdates every Thursday."

"7. I also love you because you get me a lot of books."

"8. I also love you because you let us play Games with you."

"9. I also love you because you say nice words around me."

"10. I also love you because you read me stories."

Rereading that just now kind of makes a lot of the crappy day better, actually. Methinks I should take it with me to the Apple Store tomorrow as a calming device in case they have bad news for me.

Anyway, I hope all y'all had nice days and that your kids and computers are working nicely.


  1. You bet! And oh, boy, that was a sweet card!

    What a trio of fantastic kids you have -- Happy Mother's Day, and feel BETTER soon!

  2. Well done Sam! That is totally AWESOME.
    Fingers crossed for the computer...

  3. *hugs* May the Mac Gods smile upon you on the morrow.

  4. Aw, that card could make up for almost ANYTHING! Definitely take it with you tomorrow! :-)

    Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

  5. And he also loves you bunches! I can tell!

    I know computer problems, I will say a prayer to the computer deities for you.

  6. Mmmm. Blueberry pancakes. My favorite.

    What a great card. I love it. That would make my day too.

  7. Oh dear. My macbook took a dump about a month ago. I lost almost 3 years of pictures because I didn't back them up. Luckily most of my stuff is online...the pics weren't. I'll cross my fingers for you anyway.

    That's a great card!

  8. What a sweet kid! Good luck with your computer.

  9. hope you feel better soon--and get your computer fixed quickly as well!

  10. I hope both you and your computer are feeling better soon!!!

    That's a great card. :)

  11. I'm sorry about your computer. I know how discombobulating that is. And my mother's day card from one kid said his favorite thing to do with me is play checkers. Except I had never played checkers with him. Because I'm a terrible mom. Gah.


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