Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Don't Get Anything Done Anymore

All I do is stare at the cute all day. The mice have settled in and are busy, busy, busy.

C'mon. Really. How does work compete with this?

I really should move them to my desk so I could at least pretend to do something while I'm watching them. These little rodents might just ruin my professional life. And drive all of my non-mouse loving blog readers away.

I know you're all dying to see the fifth mouse, you know the one who refused to pose for me when I went on my first flurry of mouse photography the day we brought them home.

Meet Sam's mouse, Poseidon:

She kinda looks like she's been caught in and trying to avoid a spotlight, huh?

Sam did claim that he was going to change Poseidon's name today to something that sounded a lot like "Fight—AY YAH WHIPWHOPKAPOW!!" But that's not cool with me. She remains Poseidon. Although Poseidon may be too dignified a name for this particular mouse.

Poseidon had a piece of food on her head for THREE days!
And it wasn't small either! It was a chicken wing!

Here's something about mice—other than the cute—they kinda poop a lot and smell like mice. We got them Sunday and they already drove me to clean out their home today (Wednesday). And this is me we're talking about here. I don't clean anything. Honestly, the mouse house is cleaner than my house at this point.

Quinn was very eager to help me. The mice were less excited. And by "less excited," I mean "freaked the fuck out."

I stopped this immediately, of course.
After I took the picture.

After we cleaned out the mouse house, we spent probably an hour watching the mice. Quinn even ate his lunch there. See what I mean about getting nothing done?

See Scabbers up there in the green wheel? She had some problems getting down.
We had to rearrange the mouse house for her.

Here's another thing. You know how all dogs are boys and all cats are girls? Well, evidently all mice are boys too. So even though we (hopefully, dear God, hopefully) have all girl mice, I will probably refer to them as "he" many, many times.

And yet another thing: I could drag this out over the next few posts, but I thought I would just get it all out of my system now and throw out some cute photos so I don't feel the need to do it every day for the next month. There's no need for y'all to lose the ability to work too. (You know, while you're waiting for the photos to go up.)


Wait. Wait just a damn second. No, never mind. I just thought of and then dismissed the idea of a live mouse cam. No need to make you think I'm even crazier than I really am.

Look! They color coordinated themselves!

All of a sudden Poseidon is all comfortable and ready for her closeup.

Aren't mice supposed to chew these up? 'Cause mine don't.

They love to climb the tiki hut. I fully expect to come into the room one day and find it entirely chewed to a nub.

That can't be comfortable.
Run, Gerbil, run!

Gerbil is the only one who seems to like this wheel.

I got that blue wheel in addition to the solid-bottom one because the Petco mice do all kinds of funny stuff and tricks with each other on their wheels. Evidently independent pet store mice don't.

I love this next one. Count the noses.

Yep, that's all five of 'em (and a fluff of paper) poking their faces out of there.

Well, that's it for now. You'll excuse me because I have to go do some work now. But first I just need to check on the mice to make sure they're okay.

Okay. Good thing I did. I just wandered into the kitchen to find Alex doing something very irresponsible with a mouse, a cereal bowl, and a guilty look on his face. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.


  1. Do you... touch them? The mice?

  2. Don't tell Sam but I think there's something wrong with a mouse that doesn't notice a piece of food on his head - HER head - for 3 days! I have to admit they really are cute though.

  3. I wanna mouse cam!!! (said in a very whiny voice)

  4. They are pretty cute, but I don't know if I can ever touch one! What was Alex doing??

  5. "I stopped this immediately . . . after I took the picture" is too often the story of my life.

  6. With five mice in there, you'll be cleaning that thing at least twice a week. My mom would completely dump the bedding once a week, and we only had one mouse.

    And I also vote for the mouse cam. Who needs to work, anyway? Life is short! Watch teh CUTE!!!

  7. YES! I vote for the mice cam too! My boys could watch them for hours all summer long and thus give me time to blog, shower, and otherwise function as a human being!

  8. Mouse cam! I mean really, how can you not install a mouse cam??

  9. Mice as pets? You're a better woman than I, Gungha Din!

  10. Mice cam! Mice cam! Mice cam!

  11. Awww, they ARE pretty cute. Love that first picture. I'm just curious why you didn't get gerbils since I know you love them so much. If I missed that story, I apologize!

  12. First, I'm w/ BetteJo - it seems odd for a mouse to wear a hat?
    GERBILS always wash their faces / groom themselves after each meal (and at other times, too, like when they're bored?)

    Second, the mice are becoming cuter.

    Third, I love that Gerbil (the mouse) is the one who uses the exercise wheel. Our gerbils LOVED their wheel. (They also had something called a habitat or a habitrail for exercise. We used cedar chips for their cage floor... is this no longer the norm?)

  13. I am pretty sure I need a cageful of mice. I get seven of them, right?

  14. Karen, yes, the food hat mused me. In reality it fell off pretty quickly. I took that line from a Simpson's episode ("Homer had a piece of food on his face for..."). They seem to be pretty clean. Except one of them had some poop on a whisker for a few minutes before she finally cleaned it off. Gross.

    The mice, they grow on you, huh?

    I got the kind of chips my Mice: Complete Owners Manual suggested. They wouldn't lead me wrong would they?

  15. C'mon! You can't deny us the mouse cam!

  16. Soooo cute. I'm happy if you blog every day about them:)

    Karen, sadly aromatic shavings (pine and cedar) have been found to cause respiratory problems. They smell great, but I think that's the problem. I go with Aspen shavings. Others do paper shavings.

    Fourth Breakfast

  17. So cute! Your mice photos are helping me get over the "I really want a puppy" syndrome I've been having for awhile. Thank you!

  18. Sorry, had to come back and peruse the cute again. Have a mousie day!

  19. Yes, they do seem to get cuter over time.

    I'm glad you have the Mice: Complete Owners Manual!

    Fourth Breakfast also explained about the bedding shavings - I had no idea about the current recommendations. My gerbil ownership was *ahem* several years ago. :)

  20. Cautionary Tale (tail?): I had two mice that were supposed to be brothers. After I had them a month or so, I lifted up a food bowl to find a litter of baby mice under the bowl. Before they'd even weaned (do mice wean? how quickly?) I found a SECOND litter.

    Be afraid. Mice reproduce like rabbits.

  21. I have to count my vote in with the YES for mouse cam! they're too darn cute...and of course you know that would save you some time - you could just view them on your computer without having to GO to them! Look how much time you'll save that way! AND you could catch any inappropriate happenings as they unfold, because you always have the cam on!

  22. You know, a few weeks ago I'd have agreed on the mousecam..I would have even said they were cute. But then one night as I sat in my kitchen typing away..I felt a presence..watching me..standing on my stove was a mouse eating a bit of left over pizza crust...looking at me as if to say "WTF's your problem?" as if it had every right in the world to be there. Come to find out-he had friends...and they were holding regular parties underneath my stove. These weren't fun loving chicken wing wearing sorts they were hooligans! There was a war-I won. :) P.S.Thanks for mentioning autismblogslist in your article.

  23. Oh my gosh! Those might be the cutest mice EVER! What sweeties! : ) I am visiting via Jill's Scary Mommy blog tonight. Nice to meet you. Your son is pretty adorable too : ) All those cute mice and that cute son too... what a fun page!

  24. Awwww! Cute little guys. I have to say you are by far a much cooler mom than me, my kids have been asking for mice/gerbils forever!

  25. Really really cute. I wouldn't get anything done either. I had mice when I was about 12, they make great pets, although you do have to work to keep them clean. Hard to believe that one had stuff on its head for 3 days!


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