Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Poor Sick Child

Dear Sam's teachers,

Sam was sick today, terribly sick, so he couldn't come to school. He dearly wanted to, but just couldn't lift his poor, achy head far enough off the pillow to make it in. Please send homework.


p.s. You should go now. Let Sam rest.


Are they gone?

Really? Look behind you. Is that one of them crouching in the back? They're really all gone?


So, Sam was "sick" today. He claimed he had a headache and that his stomach hurt. I could tell by looking at him that he really wasn't all that ill, but the kid has had maybe one sick day so far this year and he is such a great student that I decided to let it slide and keep him home.

He came with Quinn and me when I dropped Quinn off at school. I had parent-teacher conferences with Quinn's teacher, so Sam went out onto the playground with Quinn's class first thing.

I showed up after they'd been outside for ten minutes and found my poor sickly boy doing this:

Big kids are fun!

and this:

Tell us what to do, Sam!

Of course, this brief respite didn't stop him after we got home from actually saying to me, "Will you fetch me some water please?"

At least he said please.

He'll be back at school tomorrow.


  1. I have someone here he would get along with REAL well! (Same grade even!)

  2. You really do live in my alternate world...

    Last night about 11 pm Meenie vomited all over the place, so we kept her home today. Even though she was fine at 8 am. So by 1 pm, we decided to take a 1.5 mile hike. We were talking about all the neat things we saw that evening to her sisters and Einey replied "no fair, I wish I threw up last night..."

  3. If I hadn't been sick during the semester my mom would give me a personal day and call me in sick. I couldn't do it if i had a test or project due and I had to stay in the house but she said that you get personal days off from work and if you need them you should get one from school.

  4. Everyone needs a mental health day once in a while! (And yes, my Mum used to let us have them from school every so often, too).

  5. We all need a mental health day sometimes and sometimes running around a playground is just what the doctor ordered.

  6. I picked William up early one day for a Zoo Appointment... and will totally do it again!

  7. FAKER ! Although, everyone needs a mental health day once in a while.

  8. Poor, poor Sam. I hope he feels better soon. ;)

  9. My parents used to let my brother and I skip school for ski trips and camping vacations from elementary school - high school. Helped us stay focused on getting our work done ahead of time and appreciate the outdoors more.

    Nothing wrong with a couple of "sick" days each year.

  10. He looks like a rock star out there!

  11. So Sam got a mental health/feel good about himself/be a good big brother day. That warrants a glass of water in my book. Especially if he said please.


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