Saturday, May 22, 2010

Operation: Mouse

You may all be aware that I kinda like little rodents. Turns out that the small, blond apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Quinn loves them too. Every once in a while we'll go to Petco and visit all the little animals. It's like a trip to the zoo without all the walking.

Much as I always try to get Quinn to love the gerbils, he loves the mice more than anything. He will stand in front of their cage for as long as I will let him and he will giggle, giggle, giggle for the entire time.

I'd lost all hope of ever having rodents because Alex is a great big buzz kill. But somehow, Quinn's enthusiasm got to him and he agreed that we could get some mice. Now, I know there is a segment of you that will be all, "MICE??!! What about the gerbils? For the love of God, they're in your tagline!"

To you, I will simply ask that you revisit paragraph two above.

Well, today was Quinn's birthday, which brings us to Operation: Mouse. We revealed to the children that we were going to buy them mice, but before we could go pick them up, we had to go to Jack's social skills group, which was held at a park today. It went great until after group, when our kids hightailed it down to the little nearby creek. Jack waded in, sneakers and all, while Sam jumped in and promptly lost one flip flop. Afraid that we couldn't take two barefoot children to the pet store, we searched and searched for the flip flop.

Alex was pissed. Also? We never found it.

I think you know Team Stimey well enough by now though to know that we don't give up that easy. Jack wore wet shoes and Alex lent Sam his socks so it looked like he was wearing something on his feet. Then we headed on into the pet store.

We were greeted by an employee who looked like he was ten years old and who told us that he couldn't tell the difference between boy mice and girl mice, which was a problem, because we do not want to be the eventual owners of 86 mice. Fortunately, we were rescued by another employee who could tell the difference, or at least could pretend to tell the difference.

Each of us picked out a mouse, including Alex, previously known as Mr. I Hate Anything Small, Cute, and Snuggly.

Meet the five newest members of Team Stimey.

When we got home, we spent, oh, I'd say about an hour watching the wee little ones explore their new home. Even Alex watched for a while.

It was his first glimpse of the tiki hut that convinced Alex that he wanted a mouse.

I don't have an individual photo of Sam's black curly-haired mouse. (When they first showed it to us, I was all, "Uh oh, this one has the mange," and the lady said, "No, she just has curly fur." I sure know how to make a good impression.) See, Poseidon, as she is named, is the scaredy-mouse of the group. I spent a long time today worried that she was dead because I hadn't seen her for a long time. Turns out she was just hiding in the house under a whole lot of paper shavings.

Here is Jack's mouse, Scabbers:

She has curly fur too.

Quinn's mouse is the shiny, black one. Her name is Squeaky. Alex has the black and white one and named her Whiskers.

Squeaky seems to be the most energetic of the group thus far.

My mouse is gray and white. I named her Gerbil. For y'all.

Alex hates the name. I like it.

Gerbil is the piggiest of the group. Every time I see her, she's rooting around in the food bowl. I think she'll be happy here.

Prepare yourselves for some extensive mouse photography. Especially once I deem them settled in enough to to let my kids handle them. Then you can prepare yourselves for extensive photography of the ensuing mouse hunt after one of them gets away.

Also, please cross your fingers for me that these guys don't go the way of the ants and the frogs. I really love them already.



    They are cute!

  2. Wow! This will be a new adventure for me as a reader, to follow intentional mice ownership. I have mice. But that's because I live in an old house in the middle of nowhere and I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are getting into my house. Somehow "cute" is not what comes to mind when I see one. I suppose signing in as A nonny mouse is too much?

  3. The tiki hut almost makes it worth it.

  4. They are adorable. And the Tiki Hut rocks. And I hope none of them are really boys.

  5. Five mice! You've doubled the size of your family. Can't wait to see more pictures. My sister, Fourth Breakfast, gets an annual rat calendar with the cutest photos (combo of pet rat loving wife and photographer husband) - maybe a new project for Team Stimey? Best wishes for avoiding the path of the previous pet projects.

  6. How are the rest of Team Stimey--cats + dog--taking to the new arrivals?

    They ARE cute by the way.

  7. I had pet mice as a kid. LOVED those little critters. Til the cat figured out how to get the top off the cage. :-(

    Enjoy the adventure.

  8. They are cute, but gerbils are cuter. (We had gerbils.)

    They also look pretty sociable. I'm glad you got several so they can keep each other company!

    I predict the tiki hut will be chewed up shortly.

  9. You'll have better luck with the mammals.

  10. I think you should change your tag line to Life. Autism. Rodents. That covers gerbils and mice. And mice named Gerbil. (!)

    That tiki hut is the cutest pet accessory I've ever seen! I can totally see the mice drinking out of teeny glasses with teeny paper umbrellas in them and then lining up for the limbo.

    Those little furry things are in my prayers. They'll need them. :-)

  11. okay, really mice have always freaked me out...but those little buggars are stinkin' cute.

  12. So, you probably don't want to know what happens to mice in this house...

    May the force be with you in this venture!

  13. I like mice less than gerbils, but I like Alex's mouse the best. Also, if there are mice in my house, I kill them with glee.

    Maybe if a mouse dies, and you get a new mouse to replace it, you can name it Lindsay. Then maybe I would like that mouse best.

  14. OMG! This is so funny - MICE! I am of the variety of girl who squeals and jumps when she sees mice. We have FOUR cats...enough said.

  15. Congratulations on the newest additions to your family. Looking forward to the updates on how your mousey family is going.

  16. Since I rescue mice from my cat (the cute big-eyed brown ones, not the ugly voles/field mice), I must like mice. We can't have anything smaller than a cat though or I'm pretty sure it would be flushed down the toilet, dropped in the sump pit, thrown over the deck, or loved to death by Moose. The cat barely survived all of those things (with a few lives to spare). Good luck!!

  17. You are a brave, brave woman.

  18. Maybe it's just my house but I KNOW that out of 5 I would have at least 2 boy mice and 3 girl mice who want babies really bad.

    Hamsters. We had 2. Something like 3 litters later we had found homes for all the babies, separated any that looked too friendly and then they died natural deaths. Watch them for fraternization. Undue fraternization. They WILL multiply.

  19. are they girl mice, or boy mice? or some of each?

  20. Oh God Stimey. I just said to Susanne "I'm that guy". That would be that I'm Alex before he agreed to take home mice.

    I think there was early childhood trauma that involved mice dying in the walls of our old house. It's not a good smell. Or maybe I just don't like anything tiny and cuddly. Well, except babies that is. ;-) -Monica


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