Monday, May 24, 2010

Penguins + 20 Preschoolers = Tornado

Whew. Birthday party season is over at my house for a while. I repeat: whew.

Quinn, mid-sugar overload

I'm happy to say that even though it was too dreary and wet for the gajillion kids that were over to play outside much during Quinn's party, they all had a good time anyway. I do have to say that I got a little panicky when I woke up this morning to a filthy house, an unplanned party, and a thunderstorm forecast.

See, Quinn wanted to invite his entire preschool class to his birthday party. That's a lot of kids. The sheer number of children in his class precluded me from inviting some of my other birthday party staple kids, which was a little sad, but Quinn had a blast, which is the whole point anyway.

I threw pretty much the same party that I threw for Jack last week, but it had a whole different feel to it. While Jack's party was kind of calm and slower paced, Quinn's party was a whirling dervish of kids streaking through my house, consuming a lot of orange and brown junk food, and a lot of happy screeching.

Quinn's official party theme was "penguins," but I think the unofficial theme was, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I kind of still don't know what happened. I just recall snippets of chaos.

We did manage to get in our traditional game of pin the something on the something. In this case it was fish onto a penguin beak. I'm pretty proud of the penguin I made. I modeled him off of a stuffed animal we gave Quinn for his birthday.

If you look closely, you can see remnants of last week's piñata still on our deck outside.

I think Quinn might have cheated.

With all the crazy running around, I never thought that I would get all 20 or so kids lined up nicely to wait their turn to tape a piece of paper onto a wall in exchange for a plastic medal. But they all happily lined up and waited their turn. Kids are easy. And a total trip.

Because we were doing the piñata inside, we decided to use the ribbon pulls instead of a bat. I also liked the idea of the ribbons because it seemed sorta cruel and wrong to beat the crap out of this cute little guy:

I especially didn't want to watch them beat it to death once it was already on the ground.

The only problem was that none of the strings seemed to be attached to the trap door that lets the candy out. So Alex took the thing, turned him on his side and broke him over his knee. It was a little gruesome.

This was before he took extra candy and started throwing it directly AT the children.

Poor Pablo the Penguin. Some of the kids took home pieces of limbs. One kid wandered out holding the head, still dangling from a string.

Here is Quinn using Pablo's torso as a hat.

Much like with Jack's party, it was difficult to find a suitable cake for Quinn. Even though there are Madagascar cakes, they are not penguin-centric, and Quinn did not want it. And unlike Jack's cake, I imagine it's a lot harder to fashion a penguin to stick on top of the thing.

So we got a soccer game cake. Obvious solution, right?

Needless to say, the mice took cover in their little house shortly after everyone began to arrive and didn't come out until after everyone left. I imagine that they were all, "What the FUCK just happened here?" I also imagine that they have fond memories of their quiet little pet store.

Also needless to say, Quinn had such a great birthday weekend. He is one happy little kid.

And he's five years old, if you can believe it. I can't.


  1. You are such a good party thrower. No un-necessary freaking out and it seems like the kids always have fun. I admire that (says me who has never had a birthday party for her kids in part because I am afraid of the work involved !). Happy 5th Birthday to Quinn. I am going to freak out when Beezus turns 5 in September. 5 seems so, hmmm, OLD and KID-like, doesn't it ?

  2. Five? Really? I thought he just turned three.

  3. How did you get them all to line up for pin the something on the something? Threats? Promises? Valium? You're awesome.

  4. You made a beautiful penguin.

  5. I know someone who had a blast and went to school today wearing medals! I heard all about pin the fish on the penguin and we have a lovely Pablo foot on display at home. Awesome party hostess!

  6. Aw, man! I wish we lived close enough to score an invite to one of your parties! Sounds like a great time was had by all. Um, except maybe poor Pablo the Penguin. And the mice. ;-)

  7. Sigh. Four-year olds are such an elixir. Most of the time. They are like tiny walking sunshine. 5 is just so darn... old.

    (Right behind you.)

  8. WOW! You are a dream party-thrower, my friend!


  9. Looks and sounds like it was an awesome party! The penguins are all adorable! Happy Birthday to Quinn!


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