Thursday, May 13, 2010

Q*bert on a Good Day

Remember Q*bert?

This was the best video game ever. Except for Joust.

Sometimes we call Quinn Q-bert, for obvious reasons. I now present The Awesome:

I had the greatest day today. I ran errands while Quinn was at school. Those errands included picking up my all fixed/under warranty/no lost data computer. After school, Q-bert and I headed to the park for a playdate with Susan.

You know how you're at the park chasing after your kids who are all running in six different directions, but somehow still managing to fight with each other or hurt each others' feelings by alternately ignoring/wanting to play with each other, and you're sweating and yelling and kind of annoyed by the fact that you've brought your ungrateful children to the park so they can be pills in public? Then you look up and you see a couple of women sitting down and chatting while their kids happily and energetically play together without intervention for hours?

Susan and I were the relaxed women today. Finally. It was one of the best park playdates I have ever been on.

Then we got home and picked up Sam and Jack from the bus and then I took a nap (more on this tomorrow) and went to Sam's Spring Concert, where he was adorable.

Yep. Good day.


  1. For years, Q-ster insisted that I follow him around the (insert location here - playground, playdate, jumpy castle, etc) and I would watch all the other moms chatting on the side, wishing I could catch up on the news with them too. Yesterday, we went to his preschool potluck, and he ran off to play happily with his friends. What a difference in the last year.

  2. omg JOUST! Loved Joust! Oh, my misspent youth.

  3. Perfect day... [sighs with wistful happiness]. You both deserve one :-)

  4. Nice, you deserve an easy day now and then.

  5. Great job!
    Loved reading about your family!!

  6. Those relaxed women are why I don't take my kids to the park. I feel to judged. They all sit there in their cute Gap capris (do people still wear capri pants? I think they do.) and have fun and chat while I stand at the bottom of the slide for 45 minutes yelling at Elle that she now that she's climbed to the top she either needs to come down or move out of the way so other kids can do. And I have to keep reminding Joseph to keep his fingers out of his nose and mouth. God, I hate the park.

  7. It was a GREAT day -- I agree!


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